Tanner Goods – The Best Belts, Wallets, and Lanyards You’ve Never Seen

I was once given a gift card to American Eagle. I don’t shop there, but I decided not to insult the gift giver and figured that a belt would be the least offensive thing I could pick up. After fruitlessly trying to burn the logo off with paper matches, I decided to cut my losses and toss the monstrosity in the trash. It’s then and there that I decided I needed not only a new belt, but a proper tough-as-nails wallet and key lanyard to go with it. After some research on my favorite style forums, I found the answer: Tanner Goods.

I would be lying if I said I knew anything more about the company than is listed on their site, but I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty; their products are made to last. I’ve had the wallet and belt for well over a year now, and the fact that they’ve put up with my abuse is nothing short of astonishing. I’m one of those people that keeps my wallet in my back pocket all day, even when I’m sitting. My cards are starting to crack, but the wallet keeps on kicking.

What I’m especially proud of is the rich color that the leather has taken on over the 12 some-odd months I’ve owned the pieces. If denim is the living fabric, then tanner leather is definitely its mate. The natural bridal leather takes on every drop of rain, sweat, and beer that it touches, creating a rich and varied tone on all the exposed surfaces. If you’re a denim-head like me, you’ll love the pieces even more once your jeans have had a chance to work their dye into the leather.

I purchased the utility bifold wallet, as well as the lanyard, and 13 oz. belt. I made sure to get these in natural with no dye so that my day to day living would create their own impression on the leather.

You can find these items and many more on the official Tanner Goods website.




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