Swim Wear for Boys and Girls – What You Need to Know

The suitable swimwear will help your kids put their best face forward at the pool, beach, or other water-related destination. This includes knowing what to look for in size, style, fabric, and sun protection. A well-fitting swimsuit will also be comfortable and secure for your kids. Check out our selection of girls’ and boys’ swimsuits, swim shorts, and swim cover-ups to start building your kids’ summer wardrobe today. When shopping for a new bathing suit, take your child’s measurements before choosing a size. You want something that fits comfortably and doesn’t cause any issues while they are in the water.


One of the top concerns for parents shopping for kids’ swimwear is ensuring that it fits properly. Whether buying a girls’ one-piece, tankini suit, or boys’ swim trunks, it’s essential to look for adjustable straps and full elastic waists that fit comfortably. In addition to these features, choose soft and breathable swimwear fabrics that offer adequate sun protection.

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Many brands provide rash guards and tankinis with UPF 50+ material that helps protect against UVA and UVB rays. Taking your child’s measurements is the best way to determine their size. Start by measuring their height, weight, chest, and waist, then compare those measurements to the size chart on the product page of Janie and Jack.


What your kiddo wears in the water may not be what you envisioned, but you can’t blame them. When shopping for swimwear, you want something more durable than your average swim trunks and suits. The best way to ensure you get a quality swimwear set is to shop at your local specialty store or online retailer offering free shipping and returns.

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From there, you’re on your way to a splashtacular summer. It’s a great time to get your kids in the pool to experience all summer offers. The following tips and tricks will help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Swimwear fabrics are typically made from a blend of polyester and elastane. The combination of these fabrics makes them strong, water-resistant, and quick-drying. They also withstand chlorine and provide UV protection. When looking for material, look for one that is stretchy and figure-hugging. This will help keep the suit snug and free from unwanted movement. Another essential factor to consider is the fabric’s ability to recover from the wear and tear of being exposed to chlorine. It should be easy to wash and dry to avoid the buildup of chlorine odors in your swimmers. Many modern-day swimwear brands are sourcing materials that are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen alone isn’t enough to protect young skin from the UV rays that can cause sunburns. That’s why dermatologists recommend wearing a sun hat to shield your little one’s head, face, and ears from the sun. While they’re wearing the hat, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher on any exposed areas (such as the arms and legs), and reapply every two hours. She says that kids’ skin is thin and more sensitive than adult skin, which means it can be damaged by the sun sooner. That’s why it’s essential to start sun protection early. 




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