Kiddie Eyewear: Vision Correction and Sun Protection

Parents do everything possible to take care of their kids. From feeding them healthy food to ensuring that they’re properly fitted for a car seat and taking them in for medical checkups, parenthood means doing everything they can to keep their kids healthy and happy.

It’s important to make sure that eye health doesn’t get lost in the mix. For some kids, this might mean getting eyeglasses. For all kids, it means protecting their eyes with sunglasses while outdoors. Let’s talk about how healthy eyesight means healthy kids.

Why Do Kids Need Eyeglasses?

A child may need eyeglasses for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s simply to correct their vision so that they can do well in school and see properly while having fun with their friends. Kids may also be diagnosed with something called strabismus – a condition in which they eyes are crossed or are misaligned. Glasses can help correct this. They can also strengthen the vision in a weak eye – a condition known as anisometropia.

Making the Experience a Positive One

No matter the reason a child needs eyeglasses, it’s important to work hard to make the glasses-wearing experience a positive one so that it will become part of their daily routine for as long as they need to wear them. Things like lens thickness will be decided depending on what condition the glasses are meant to treat, but kids’ eyeglasses come in a variety of options to suit any style and activity level. Make sure you, as well as other friends and family members, work to boost the child’s self esteem and ease any anxiety they have about wearing glasses.

Protecting Young Eyes from the Sun

Many parents make sure to slather their kids in sunscreen before heading out on a sunny day, but many of them don’t realize that kids’ eyes need to be protected from UV rays because they aren’t able to filter them the way adults’ eyes can. In fact, doctors are concerned that a lifetime of exposure to UV rays can be responsible for cataracts and retinal degeneration as people get older.

Like eyeglasses, kids’ sunglasses come in many styles that make it easy for parents to pick a pair that their kids will love to wear. Kids who need glasses for vision correction don’t have to miss out on having eye protection; kid-sized prescription sunglasses will ensure that they can see great while keeping their eyes covered. Good eye health in childhood will help give kids a healthy start that will last for their entire lives!



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  1. My child don’t have any eye problem but i was not aware about the UV rays, i will purchase a sunglasses for her so she will not have any eye problem in the future.

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