Steven Ridzyowski Shares His Story of Working His Way to the Top

Becoming your own boss is a dream many people have. It’s a journey full of ups and downs, and constant learning. For Steven Ridzyowski, entrepreneurship was a childhood dream, and it’s one he’s living as a successful digital entrepreneur and member of the Forbes Business and Young Entrepreneur councils.

In 2007, Steven Ridzyowski was a senior in high school and a budding entrepreneur. He’d just discovered the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. He knew college was not for him and he sought out advertising knowledge from blogs and Google Adsense.

During his first year after high school, he worked two jobs while still growing his business on the side. During this time, cell phones grew in popularity and ringtones were in demand. Steven focused on selling ringtones and managed to make his first six figures at 19 years of age.

With the taste of success, Steven switched to skincare products and launched his own skincare brand. This did well and by the time he turned 21, he’d made his first million. There was no looking back after that. He then started the first of many affiliate networks where he focused on affiliate offers and running joint ventures with other media buyers in the industry.

Over the next few years, Steven observed market trends and saw the shift toward e-commerce. Although it was not very popular at the time, he could tell it was getting bigger and would become a hugely impactful and important part of the economy. So, he took a chance and switched to e-commerce.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when a business’s need for an online presence increased exponentially, he founded the Ecommerce Marketing Agency. The agency is based in Miami, Florida and serves clients from across all eCommerce platforms. As more business owners who’d previously had little or no online presence began considering eCommerce, Steven’s agency provided support and led them through their introduction to the eCommerce space with a “done for you approach.”

The agency has a team of 30+ employees who help clients start, manage, and scale their online stores. They offer a wide range of services including design, research, ads, and customer management. Within the last two years, Steven and his team have made over $10 million, and the business is still growing. He expects it will grow even bigger over the next few years as automation takes over the commerce landscape.

Since he began the journey over ten years ago, Steven has managed $100M+ in advertising spend across multiple platforms and businesses and if he’s learned one thing, it’s that customers appreciate constant communication. Even when things aren’t perfect, having constant feedback makes you trustworthy.

His latest brainchild is, an online Marketplace Exchange for all eCommerce businesses and platforms. The purpose is to help connect buyers and sellers of eCommerce brands and stores. He hopes that with Sell Your Brand and his Ecommerce Marketing Agency, he will continue to grow his businesses and make them into well known, billion-dollar brands over the next ten years.



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