How Lewis Webster Fights Mental Health Issues and Leads a Huge Company

In recent years, more people have become aware of many individuals’ struggles with mental health problems. This problem spares no one, and even the most successful people on the planet are going through different battles with their mental health. One of the most successful businessmen who deal with mental health problems is Lewis Webster, a social media marketer from Los Angeles, California.

Lewis is involved in many different industries, including events planning, music production, and digital marketing. To him, keeping himself busy is vital so he can be distracted from feeling various issues with his mental health. Lewis suffers from health anxiety and occasional depression, which are problems he has been dealing with ever since he was a teenager.

Despite battling mental health problems for almost all his life, Lewis remained focused on his goal of having his own business. Even as a young child, he was already showing a great inclination towards business, as he was already buying and selling things online at age 11. Lewis also made websites for some people, spray-painted gaming consoles, and other things to help him earn some cash.

This early orientation to make his own money became helpful when Lewis grew up as an adult. While his mental health problems began to develop, his skills in many different fields also improved. At age 19, Lewis was able to launch his own music label with the help of his best friend and, later on, his business partner. A few years later, he concentrated on running a social media marketing firm now called Blackspire Capital.

Blackspire Capital offers various services, including social media management, building branding authority, and consulting on social media growth. As the firm’s head, Lewis helps his clients gain access to the vast reach of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Blackspire Capital’s amazing team of digital marketing experts always puts their clients’ needs first, making their goals attainable.

Keeping busy managing Blackspire Capital has greatly helped Lewis slowly overcome his struggles with mental health. While stressful moments in his job trigger some problems, his determination to achieve his goals makes him forget his anxieties. In addition, Lewis keeps on learning, so he stays productive while battling his multiple mental health issues.

As a successful businessman, Lewis’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to keep themselves in the game by adapting to the changes their industry’s demand. For instance, he believes that learning information technology will give every business an edge as almost all markets have become digital. Also, he maintains that the role social media plays in every business’ success is vital, so every leader must learn to leverage these.

Lewis can be reached through his Instagram account and Blackspire Capital’s website, where people can learn more about his story and his company’s services. He hopes to bring his firm to the top of the industry while expanding his market into other business ventures. Moreover, Lewis wants to help raise awareness around mental health and help people become successful in their respective endeavors.



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