How To Keep Your Customers Satisfied During COVID-19

The Coronavirus has quickly disrupted lives and businesses all around the globe. There are still many questions and few answers, and this uncertainty makes it very challenging to run and manage your company.

However, no matter how muddy the waters are, you need to continue to focus on satisfying your customer base and keeping your business alive. Without them, you won’t have a business to run and risk having to close your doors. It’s vital you stay connected to your clients and update them about your company’s status and what you’re doing to keep them safe.

Communicate Extra Health & Safety Precautions

You can keep your customers satisfied during COVID-19 by communicating what you’re doing to keep them healthy and safe. For instance, it may be that you’re cleaning more in between appointments, requiring patrons to wear masks, and offering contactless solutions. Make a qr code to help you achieve this goal and get people coming back into your place of business sooner rather than later. Customers want to feel comfortable walking into your store and doing business with you, so make sure you explain what precautions you’re taking.

Stay in Touch

What’s essential is that you don’t lose contact with your customers during COVID-19. It’s easy to do if you’re not on top of it and fail to adapt to the new environment. Stay in touch and build stronger relationships by sending out email messages and updates on social media. Reach out via the phone and check in with customers who are continuing to do business with you and let them know the status of an order and what you’re doing to ensure you can continue to operate and meet their needs. There’s truly no excuse not to stay connected to customers with the latest developments in technology.

Offer Virtual Options

Technology also allows you to offer virtual options for shopping online and doing business with you. You can move more products and services online and can connect via text and video if need be. Brainstorm possibilities with your team about how you can continue to satisfy your customers even though you may not be face-to-face. Now is the time to get creative and to be willing to flex and adapt accordingly.

Create Helpful Content

Producing new and helpful content that’s timely and relevant is always a wise option when trying to connect with your customers. Consider publishing more frequently and distributing information that’s useful and that your customers want to read and share. Answer questions they have on their minds and throw in some tutorials or entertaining content to keep them engaged and interested.


COVID-19 has presented businesses everywhere with many challenges and obstacles. However, it’s no reason to give up or assume that you can’t operate in this new reality. It’s up to you as the business owner to get creative and put forth an extra effort for your customers at this time. Apply these ideas so you can continue to keep your customers satisfied during COVID-19 and well into the future.



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