How to Spot a Replica from the Real Deal

There is now and expectation because of high-tech has changed how we shop, socialize, and do business. Technology has changed so much in the market place that we can find just about anything our hearts desire. Even once hard to find products like luxury watches, the best box mod, and high-end vehicles can be found online.

If you are looking for men style luxury items such as Swiss watch, be sure that what you are purchasing is genuine. Nowadays, there are a lot of fake products being sold as luxury goods. Because of this, it’s important to know which one is authentic and which one is not.

For Swiss watches, here are several signs to determine the authenticity:

1. Weight

When it comes to weight it’s easy to spot, which is genuine and, which is not. Gold Rolex watches, for example, are much heavier than ordinary metals. If you are offered a Gold Rolex watch and is lighter than usual, it’s most likely just a gold-plated replica. Silver is also heavier than ordinary metals.

2. Casing

Don’t buy Swiss watches without their proper casing. Omega, for instance, usually puts a printed red spot on the back of the watch casing. When the printed red spot is broken, it means the product has already been opened; therefore, the product you are buying is probably second hand or fake.

3. Functionality

When buying expensive items and other men style luxury goods, never forget to check all the functions. For Swiss watches, it’s very rare to find other functions not working properly. Check the manual and test everything.

4. Noise

All high-quality Swiss watches are made to work silently. When buying a Swiss watch, listen to it. You should barely hear the watch ticking, even with your ear to the watch. Replicas tend to be a lot louder and quality isn’t a concern.

5. Certificates

Most luxury goods, especially expensive devices have a corresponding certificate of authenticity. Swiss brand watches have their respective unique certificates of authenticity, which cannot be faked. So if you are buying a Swiss watch, ask for its certificate of authenticity and keep it safe, too. If you still have doubts about the certificate, go to the authorized retailer and have it checked by experts.

6. Flaws

You may have an idea how a mass reproduced product is different from a product that is made for perfection. In the case of Swiss watches, you can detect some flaws that are not characteristics of fine products. Try to use a magnifying glass and check everything that is printed. Replicas have spelling errors.

7. Engraving

While searching for some flaws, you can also check the engraving. Swiss watches have fine and sharp engraving while replicas have dusty and messy ones. Also check the logo if it’s perfectly centered.

8. Sales Channel

It’s best to buy Swiss watches from their authorized retailers. To make sure that a retailer is truly authorized, you can visit their official website. They surely have their list of authorized retailers.

9. Price

Many replicas are lowered price than that of the real thing. If you find a Swiss watch you like, and it’s priced 50% lower, you have to ask yourself is it second hand, or is it a replica?


We can buy anything online these days. If you are looking to buy a men style luxury Swiss watch, we recommend you take the above steps so you get what you pay for and are not disappointed to find out later you purchased a fake.




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