Four Holiday Wardrobe Essentials for Men

If you’re going away on vacation this summer, then you probably won’t even start to think about packing until the night before you leave… maybe even the morning of your flight. Guys pack differently to women, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still struggle to know what to take with them. Luckily, there are four wardrobe essentials that every guy can’t be without when he takes a break in the sun – if you keep reading, it should make your job of packing a whole lot easier this summer.

1. Smart shorts

You’re on vacation, it’s blisteringly hot and the last thing you want to think about wearing is a pair of trousers or even jeans. Luckily, that’s why the fashion world invented shorts that are smart enough to wear with a shirt, and they’ll definitely take pride of place in your wardrobe this year if you want a truly versatile piece of clothing.

Whether you’re planning on taking a tour bus to a nearby ancient ruin, or simply taking a stroll around the shops before heading off for dinner in a restaurant by the sea, a pair of smart shorts will do the trick. I’d pick up a couple of pairs in different colours if I were you.

2. Linen shirts

These will be invaluable to you on your vacation for three reasons. Firstly, they’re incredibly lightweight, so not only will it save on baggage allowance but it will be the perfect thing to wear when the air is dense with heat.

Secondly, because it’s so light a material, it’s perfect for anyone who suffers badly from sun burn. Finally, you can get linen shirts in such a wide variety of colours these days, so whatever style you’re feeling, there will be a shirt to match it.

3. Plimsolls

These are the most practical shoes for any guy on vacation. Again they’re a very lightweight material and breathe well, so if you go on any long excursions, it will help to reduce the swelling in your feet by keeping them cooler. On the other hand, they never go out of style, so you can easily wear them in the UK when the weather is warmer, and they won’t feel out of place. These simple white plimsolls for example would look perfect with navy chino shorts and a pale blue shirt.

4. Swim shorts

Who could pack a suitcase and forget these? I prefer swimming shorts to anything else, as I find them the most comfortable option and far more practical. For example, it’s difficult to go from the sea straight to a beach bar in speedos as you can feel on display. There is a wide selection of swim shorts by Jacamo, and they even have multi-buy offers available on some items if you want more than one pair.

Now all you need is a good pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to go! What did you think of my top four essentials? If you have any extras to add then why not leave a comment below?




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