In this day and age we are so busy with all our responsibilities and commitments that it seems as though there is not enough time is the day!. The following are some great ideas on how to gt the most out of your day.

Shop Online
The single most important way to free up your time for more exciting things is to do most of your shopping online. I get everything online from groceries, clothes, shoes, kitchenware, books, electronics and basically just about everything. Its been long time since I’ve stepped foot in a shopping center and that’s the way i like it!

This tip is especially important around Christmas time and other holidays because the stores get so CRAZY busy and my anxiety goes through the roof as soon as I’ve entered the parking lot. Amazon is great because i have the peace of mind that i can return whatever I don’t like.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets
Technology has brought about some very exciting things in the world of cooking.

First the Instant pot! I love that I can put all my ingredients in one machine, press a few buttons and have a nutritious meal in just 30 minutes without any work!.

The Sous Vide is my new favorite gadget as it cooks meat to perfection and you can also set this before work to be done when you come home! Need to stay back? No problem! Some brands even have wireless connection so you can control cooking from your work desk!

Two Birds With One Stone
Wherever I can I always try to get the most done at any given time, that’s why i like to do 1 task but with a dual purpose!

I never go to the gym as I don’t have enough time in the day, I do however walk to the bank and the post office so that i can get exercise but also handle my important tasks as well. I use my time on the train to reply to emails and make a to do list for the next work day.

These are just a couple of examples of ways where you can maximize your time.

High cost of living sometimes means that we work too much and don’t play enough! That’s why it’s so important to spend your time wisely. Hopefully these tips can help you get the most out of your day.



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