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The Slate Tabletop Fireplace has been around for quite a few years but today is the first time I saw it, and I like it.  About a month ago, I wrote about the Portable Gel Fireplace (buy it here) and I commented on how much I liked its minimal design, well, the Slate Tabletop Fireplace might just be a little more appealing to men because of its log-shaped design, yet still having an elegant and modern look to it.

Unlike the gel fireplace from last month, the slate tabletop fireplace looks much easier to move from one location to another because of its weight.  The fireplace comes with two metal pieces that look like over-sized pens or flutes, which sit atop a slate base.  The 7.5” long flute-looking things are supposed to represent fire logs and are made out of stainless steel, and they house the oil for the fire.  The slate bottom measures 10” x 14” and ensures none of furniture burns, just in case the fire happens to escape the logs.

This portable fireplace would make for a nice addition to a modern house and the best part is, you can take it to any room you want to heat or light (I’m not exactly sure if this thing is meant as a source of heat, light, or just the wow factor).  You can pick one up at for $365.

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