Singapore Bidder Purchases World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Champagne

Most expensive champagne in the world bought in singapore

An anonymous Singaporean is one step closer to becoming a finished man (or woman) as they have just purchased a bottle of champagne for a whopping $43,630. This was announced by Acker Merrall & Condit who are a premier wine auction house. The auction took place at Mariehamn, Åland where the company sold two of the world’s oldest bottles of champagne which were salvaged in 2010 from a 19th century shipwreck off the Åland Islands.

The anonymous internet bidder from Singapore outbid an American bidder, Robert A. Rosania, who is famous for his collection of fine champagne from all over the world.

That Singaporean better get every little drop out of that bottle.

[Source: Acker Wines]



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