Simple Sun Tattoos for Men: 39 Brilliant Ideas for 2023

Looking for that perfect sun tattoo? You’re far from alone in this pursuit – it’s a common quest encountered by many men. Indeed, if we look at the tattoo trends of 2023, sun tattoos have shined brightly, gaining considerable popularity among both gentlemen and ladies alike.

To make your search a little easier, this article has been meticulously curated to showcase 39 simple yet impactful sun tattoo ideas. Each one has been handpicked for its unique design and potent symbolic meaning.

So, are you ready to find that spark of ink inspiration personal to you? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Sun tattoos stand for many great things. This includes light, new starts, and balance in life.

There are lots of sun tattoo styles to pick from. Examples include an old-school style with a happy face or a fine-line design on the forearm.

You can put a sun tattoo anywhere you like. Popular places include the lower leg, triceps area, forearm, and bicep.

Understanding Sun Tattoos

Sun tattoos have deep roots in symbolism, dating back to ancient civilizations where the sun was worshipped as a powerful deity. Each culture held its unique interpretations of what the sun represented, ranging from truth and light in Alchemical traditions to power and authority with the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

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In tattoo art today, these symbolisms continue to inspire designs that captivate both artists and enthusiasts alike. The beauty of a sun tattoo lies not merely in its aesthetic appeal but also – perhaps more importantly – in its profound meaning that transcends time and geographical boundaries.

Sun tattoo variations are plentiful, too: there’s everything from simple linework pieces to complex traditional depictions of Sun Gods. Regardless of style or complexity, each design speaks volumes about the human connection with this celestial body, which has fascinated us since time immemorial.

Symbolism of the Sun

The Sun stands for a lot of good things. It brings light and helps us see everything around us. But that’s not all! The Sun also shows new starts or rebirth because it comes up every day after the dark night.

People believe it brings balance in life, too. This is why a sun tattoo could mean you treasure your bright side, are open to fresh starts, or seek balance in your life.

Variations in Sun Tattoo Designs

There are many kinds of sun tattoo designs to look at.

  1. Old School Tattoo of the Sun: This style has a happy face and bold colors. It is a popular choice in 2023.
  2. Linework Forearm Tattoo of Sun: A broken sun design is used here. It gives off a sense of mystery and power.
  3. Blackwork Tattoo of Sun and Clouds: This design uses dark ink only.
  4. Fineline Tattoo of Sun on Forearm: Thin lines make up this elegant sun tattoo.
  5. Custom Old School Tattoo of Sun God: In this design, the sun god shows strength and brightness.
  6. Minimal Tatoo of Sun on Upper Arm: Just simple lines form the shape of the sun here.
  7. Underboob Tatoo of Sleeping Sun: This calming design puts a sleeping sun in a new place not seen much.

Top Simple Sun Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

Discover a plethora of simple sun tattoo design ideas that are just perfect for men. Explore the timeless beauty of an Old School Tattoo of the Sun and its nostalgic allure. Consider a Linework Forearm Tattoo of the Sun that combines simplicity with intricate details or a Blackwork Tattoo of the Sun and Clouds as it brings in nature’s essence.

Find elegance in Fineline Tattoos on Forearms; these minimalistic designs can express more than words ever could. For something personalized, opt for a Custom Old School Tattoo featuring the mighty Sun God, exuding power and strength.

Last but not least, consider getting a Minimal Tattoo of Sun on the Upper Arm; It’s less grandiose yet profoundly meaningful!

Old School Tattoo of the Sun

The Old School Sun tattoo is a hit in 2023. It has a happy face and uses many colors. Men and women both like this design. The style used for shading gives the Sun’s surface a dotted look.

This old-school design is bright, bold, and full of life.

Linework Forearm Tattoo of Sun

linework forearm tattoo of the sun is a hot pick for 2023. This design is not just cool but also carries deep meanings. It’s simple yet classy and shows off your unique style. The broken sun in this kind of tattoo tells a tale of mystery and intensity.

Hand-poked details give it an edgy look, highlighting the skill put into making it. Plus, these tattoos have fine lines that make them look neat and elegant on your forearm. So, if you are after an attention-grabbing piece that will turn heads, consider getting a linework forearm tattoo of the sun!

Blackwork Tattoo of Sun and Clouds

Blackwork tattoo of the sun and clouds is a cool pick for men. Bold black ink makes this design stand out. They seem strong yet still show the peace found in nature. The sun holds power while the clouds give it a soft touch.

This type of tattoo talks about life’s ups and downs. The sun and clouds together remind us that change is always around the corner, just like weather changes every day. You can put this art on any part of your body you wish to display your love for nature and life’s cycle.

Fineline Tattoo of Sun on Forearm

A fine-line sun tattoo on the forearm is a great idea. This kind of tattoo has a very fine look. It shows an image of the Sun drawn with thin, soft lines. If you like things that are simple and elegant, this may be your style.

The Sun can show charm, strength, or wisdom in its design. You will love how it looks on your forearm! Don’t worry about pain too much; the forearm is one of the less painful spots to get inked!

Custom Old School Tattoo of Sun God

custom Old School tattoo of the Sun God stands out. It is bold and full of color. In this style, the Sun often shows a happy face. This design can tap into old-world charm and mystery.

The Sun God symbolizes power, life, and truth in many cultures. For some people, it may mean courage or strength, too. This kind of tattoo can show your strong side to others around you.

Minimal Tattoo of Sun on Upper Arm

minimal sun tattoo on your upper arm is a great choice. This small tattoo holds deep meanings. It shows light, balance in life, and rebirth. Also, it looks elegant with its simple lines.

Many men like this sun tattoo design in 2023 because of its neat look. You will love how the fine lines make the sun’s image delicate and attractive.

Placement Ideas for Sun Tattoos

Choosing the right spot for your sun tattoo can make a world of difference. Some popular options include the lower leg, where the familiar sight of the sun can catch eyes and start conversations.

The triceps area offers an expansive canvas for intricate designs, while bicep tattoos remain hidden until you flex or raise your arm. You may opt for forearm placements if you want to showcase your tattoo openly without the need to roll up sleeves or adjust clothing.

If you prefer large canvases, consider thigh tattoos with detailed artwork. For unique visibility, outer arm tattoos offer great scope for creativity, and calf tattoos are another alluring option that works particularly well with larger designs involving elements like clouds or stars surrounding the sun.

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Lower Leg

The lower leg is great for a sun tattoo. It gives a cool look and feels warm. Your sun tattoo will shine when you wear shorts. It’s simple to cover if needed, too. Get your lower leg sun tattoo in 2023!


The back of your arm is perfect for a sun tattoo. We call this spot the triceps. It’s popular with men in 2023. Sun tattoos here look cool and are easy to show off or hide. The fine lines in these tattoos make them look neat and charming.

You can wear a short-sleeved shirt so everyone sees it. If you want to keep it private, just wear long sleeves! So, think about getting your own sun tattoo on your triceps this year.


I love the idea of a sun tattoo on my forearm! It’s a popular spot in 2023, and there’s plenty to like about it. The forearm gives enough space for bold, bright designs. One cool choice is linework tattoos of a broken sun.

They offer an air of mystery and intensity that I find very exciting!


The biceps can be a perfect spot for your sun tattoo. This part of your arm is easy to show off when you want and hide if needed. A great thing about a bicep tattoo is the size. It can hold big, bold designs like an Old School style sun or even small, intricate ones.

Sun tattoos on the biceps look awesome when flexing! You can go for linework tattoos or ones with whip shading from our design list. Just make sure to keep this area fit and in shape! It will only help to make your Sun tattoo look its best at all times.


A thigh is a great place for a sun tattoo. Here, your sun can be big and full of details. You can also show it off or hide it whenever you want. If you like, the tattoo can wrap around your leg in an exciting design.

Or keep it simple and clean for a bold look on your thigh.

Outer Arm

I like the outer arm spot for sun tattoos. It is a main pick among guys in 2023. This area gives your tattoo good show-off space, but it’s also easy to cover up if needed. The skin on this part of the body takes ink well, too.

Sun designs can look great here! From large, bold patterns to smaller and more delicate ones, any design works well on an outer arm. Hand-poked or finer lines give a raw and neat touch to sun tattoos on the outer arm!


Placing a sun tattoo on your calf is a great idea. The calf offers plenty of space for an Old School style sun design with a happy face and bright colors. This spot can also suit a refined, delicate Fineline triceps tattoo of the sun.

If you want to add some mystery and intensity to your look, consider having a Linework forearm design of a broken sun on your calf instead. Sun tattoos here can symbolize rebirth, balance, and light in life.

They’re cool and popular among men this year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sun Tattoos

What are simple sun tattoos for men?

Simple sun tattoos for men are small, meaningful designs, like the Sun God tattoo or a tribal sun shoulder tattoo, that can be placed anywhere from the lower leg to the upper arm.

Can women have these tattoos, too?

Yes! Designs like sleeping Sun tattoos or micro realistic tattoos can apply as well to both men and women on any part of their body they prefer.

Are there cultural meanings in some sun tattoos?

Cultural significance is found in many sun tattoos. Examples include Ancient Chinese figures and Native American symbols representing truth and light represented in different design variations such as nature design or animal design.

Do all simple sun Tattoos use black ink?

No! Tattoo designs come in many color options, including black and gray, but also vibrant colors seen in abstract geometric orange Sun Tattoo or firey orange glowing Sun Tattoo.

How varied can these tattoo designs be?

Sun Tattoos extends beyond just regular galaxy or leaf design; it includes other elements like the moon, from the “sun and moon” idea to specific scenes like “small astronaut holding sun”.

Where can I find more ideas about simple sun tattoos?

Brian Cornwell’s resources offer plenty of information with artistic expressions through a diverse range of cargo, such as mushroom designs for small clockwork full-backs, pine tree designs on biceps & even wave arrangements underboob area.


Choosing a sun tattoo is not hard now. You see how each idea has its own feel and style. So, pick the one that says “you” and add a little sunshine to your skin in 2023Happy tattooing!




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