67 Inspiring Airplane Tattoos for Men: Discover Unique Aviation Designs

Starting your tattoo journey can, admittedly, feel a bit overwhelming. It feels like there’s another universe full of inspiration and imagery that you barely know how to navigate. Trust me, I’ve been in those unsure shoes, too, and it was, in fact, airplane tattoos that finally caught my attention.

These designs manage to combine artistry with symbolism perfectly – each telling an intriguing story. This article will be your guide through 67 riveting aviation-themed tattoo designs specifically for men, interpreting their underlying meanings while suggesting the best possible placements for them on the body.

Ready to join this artistic exploration? Let’s jet off!

Key Takeaways

You can pick many types of airplane tattoos. They can be black and white, on the forearm, colorful, travel-themed, or like cartoons.

The place for your airplane tattoo matters. Good spots are the forearm, collarbone, and finger.

Getting an airplane tattoo has a cost. How big it is and where you put it on your body changes this price.

Airplane tattoos have deep meanings about life journeys and love for travel. Two airplanes may hint at different sides to you or new adventures coming up.

Understanding the Symbolism of Airplane Tattoos

Airplane tattoos are more than just ink on the skin. They hold deep meanings. Some men get them to show their love for traveling. Bloggers may get them because they like writing about different places.

But, the meaning of airplane tattoos can go even deeper.

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An airplane tattoo can stand for one’s life journey. It shows how we move through ups and downs, just like a plane in the air. Sometimes, our life is calm and smooth; other times, it gets bumpy and hard.

Airplane tattoos can also speak about emotions that change often.

Picking two airplanes in your tattoo design may add extra meaning, too! It could say you have many sides to you or hint at different adventures waiting ahead.

The Best Body Placement for Airplane Tattoos

Deciding where to put your airplane tattoo is important. Here are some places that work best:

The forearm:

  • This spot shows off small or large tattoos well.
  • It’s easy to see, but you can hide it with a long sleeve.

The collarbone:

  • Tattoos here can be really cool.
  • They peek out from under a shirt for a hint of mystery.

On the finger:

  • Tiny tattoos fit well here.
  • These can be private since not everyone will notice them right away.

Average Cost of an Airplane Tattoo

Getting an airplane tattoo will cost you. The price range is from $50 to $250. The size of the tattoo and the place on your body can change this cost. Also, how many colors are in the design can raise or lower the price.

If you pick a top tattoo artist, you may spend more money.

In some cases, spending extra money for a good artist is worth it. A pro helps make sure that your new ink looks great and lasts long. Just know that getting a small tattoo for men isn’t cheap, but it’s part of enjoying unique aviation designs!

Different Types of Airplane Tattoos and Their Meanings

Airplane tattoos can be as unique and varied as the people who choose them. Black and white airplane tattoos offer a classic, timeless aesthetic that often symbolizes duality or balance.

Small forearm airplane tattoos show love for aviation in subtle ways while being easy to conceal. Bursting with life, colorful airplane tattoos are expressive representations of freedom, adventure, or personal transformation.

Travel-inspired designs could pair airplanes with maps, compasses, or landmarks to celebrate wanderlust and discovery. Cartoon-themed options allow individuals to express creativity and whimsy, whereas a compass in an airplane tattoo signifies guidance on life’s journey.

Each design holds its own special meaning, which speaks about your personality uniquely – reinforcing the fact that, indeed, plane body art is more than just skin deep!

Black and White Airplane Tattoos

Black and white airplane tattoos stand out. They have a strong feel and show power. Some people get black planes to honor military aircraft. Others choose white airplanes as signs of a trip to heaven.

Wanting to start fresh? A paper airplane tattoo works well for this belief, too. These tattoos look good on most body parts like arms, legs, or back.

Small Forearm Airplane Tattoos

Airplane tattoos on the small forearm are a top pick. They look cool and tell a story about love for travel or new beginnings. You don’t need to be big to have meaning! These tattoos fit well on the lower arm, looking sleek yet standing out.

They show your inner peace and complex side with two planes or keep it simple with a paper airplane tattoo. It’s not just about looks, though; these little designs speak volumes about who you are and what life journey you’re on!

Colorful Airplane Tattoos

Colorful airplane tattoos are fun and bright. They show off your playful side. If you love to travel, they can be a great way to show that. You might want to get a colorful tattoo of an airplane soaring above clouds.

Or, choose a design where the plane is flying through rainbow skies.

Every color used in your tattoo tells something about you. For example, red may stand for passion or bravery, while green could mean growth or healing power. Blue hints at calmness and trustworthiness, whereas purple depicts nobility or magic.

Tattoo artists use different colors to make an airplane tattoo pop out on your skin. So, have fun picking the right mix for your personal style! Whether it’s full-color planes or jets with colored accents, myriad options are there for you!

A heads up – getting these bold tattoos takes longer time than black ink ones due to their layered coloring process. But, when done, they’re worth every second! Be ready to flaunt vibrancy wherever you go with colorful airplane tattoos!

Unique Travel-Inspired Airplane Tattoos

Unique travel-inspired airplane tattoos can speak a lot about your love for adventure. These designs capture the charm of seeing new places. Some use symbols like maps or famous landmarks with an airplane design.

For instance, you might get a tattoo of an airplane flying over the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. This type offers a great way to keep your travel dreams alive and close at all times.

It speaks about your free spirit and wish to discover more of this big world!

Cartoon-Themed Airplane Tattoos

Cartoon-themed airplane tattoos are fun and lively. They show your playful side. Do you like anime or cartoons? This style is perfect for you! These designs can be bright and colorful.

You can pick your favorite plane from a cartoon show. Or go with a fun, made-up design. It’s all about showing off your love for planes in a fun way!

Compass Airplane Tattoos

Compass airplane tattoos meld two powerful symbols. They hold deep meaning for many men. The airplane points to travel, discovery, and love for aviation. The compass shows guidance and finding your path in life.

This combo suits those who feel they are on a life journey guided by their own inner compass. With this tattoo, you proudly say you are an explorer at heart!

Top Airplane Tattoo Design Ideas

Discover a host of fascinating airplane tattoo designs, from an elegant black-filled airplane mirroring the silhouette in the sky to tiny dark-filled location mark tattoos expressing your love for travel.

Explore intricate line heart design harnessing the power and freedom associated with flights or a map airplane design beautifully capturing your adventurous spirit. Consider monster plane-colored tattoo designs as a bold representation of your risk-taking persona, or opt for back shoulder passenger plane tattoos, taking pride in showcasing our interconnected world.

If you crave uniqueness, check out designs like single rotator single-eye ones that bring together creativity and passion for aviation.

Black-Filled Airplane Tattoo Design

black-filled airplane tattoo design is a thing of beauty. It’s simple but full of meaning. This tattoo kind is perfect if you’re getting your first one or want to add it to a wrist tattoo.

The bold, dark color makes the plane stand out and draws eyes in an instant. But this ink is more than just good looks! It can speak volumes about who you are as a person – your goals, ambitions, and dreams.

If you love travel or have big hopes for the future, this could be the right pick for you.

Tiny Dark Filled Location Mark Airplane Tattoo Design

You may love the Tiny Dark Filled Location Mark Airplane Tattoo Design. It has a tiny black plane with a dark mark showing its location. This design is cool and provides a fresh take on airplane tattoos.

The dark mark could mean you are starting something new or going to a different place in your life. So, if you like to travel or just want to show you’re ready for change, this tattoo could be perfect for you!

Line Heart Airplane Tattoo Design

Line Heart Airplane Tattoo Design is a great pick. It shows a tiny plane making a heart trail in its path. This design can mean you love to travel or have a heart full of adventure.

You may like it since it talks about your life story in an artful way. It looks good on any part of the body, but I think it works best on the wrist or forearm. Plus, people will see and enjoy your tattoo as much as you do! So give this fun, sweet airplane tattoo idea some thought if you’re all about spreading love wherever you go!

Map Airplane Tattoo Design

map airplane tattoo is a bold choice. It mixes two strong symbols. The map stands for your love of travel, and the airplane points to adventure. This tattoo design can vary in looks.

You may see an airplane charting its route on a world map. Or perhaps it’s just a small plane etched on top of the globe.

This type of design shows much about you. It tells others that you are always ready for new places and adventures! Such a tattoo is eye-catching but also meaningful, as every trip changes us in some way.

So if travel shapes your life, let this be seen on your skin! A well-made map airplane tattoo won’t cost less than $50, but such an original symbol will be worth every penny!

Monster Plane Coloured Airplane Tattoo Design

The Monster Plane Coloured Airplane Tattoo Design is a top choice. It stands out because of its bright colors and large size. It shows a plane that looks like a monster, full of power and strength.

This design can mean you feel strong, like the plane, or that you like things that are big and bold. The many colors used in this tattoo show the ups and downs in life, just like flying through rough skies.

Back Shoulder Passenger Plane Airplane Tattoo Design

The back shoulder is a great spot for a passenger plane tattoo. It shows you love to travel. This design puts an image of a jet on your body. The jet points towards the neck as if flying home.

People may see it when you wear low-back shirts or at the beach! It works well with other tattoos, too, like clouds or maps. So, if you’ve been far from home and are now coming back, this might be the perfect design for you!

Single Rotator Single Eye Airplane Tattoo Design

The Single Rotator Single Eye Airplane Tattoo Design is one of the top ideas. It stands out because it’s different and cool. This design has just one eye and one propeller blade. Men, think about getting this tattoo on your arm or leg! The one eye can show you are looking for something special in life.

The single blade may say you always move forward, no matter what happens. With bold lines and stark details, this tattoo will surely tell a unique story on your skin!

Frequently Asked Questions About Airplane Tattoos

What are aviation tattoos?

Aviation tattoos are designs for men and women inspired by airplanes, pilots’ helmets, or other airline industry symbols like wings.

Where is the best spot to place a small airplane tattoo?

You can put a small airplane tattoo on your forearm or finger or over your back – any placement you think fits best!

Can an airplane tattoo have meaning?

Yes! Tattoos with meaning could include a compass for staying grounded or two airplanes for good luck in battle.

How much does an airplane tattoo cost?

The tattoo cost depends on its size, colors used, and the complexity of the design, but it’s best to ask the person doing the process.

Do all aviation tattoos look the same?

No way! There are different kinds, from bright colors with maps of the world to black & white plane windows even unusual designs too!

Is there care needed after getting an airplane tattoo?

For sure! After getting any kind of new art on your skin, you must follow aftercare steps to help in healing.


In the end, your body is a canvas. Make it tell a unique tale with an airplane tattoo! With so many cool designs and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that mirrors your life journey.

So go out there and make an impression with your new ink!




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