Friday Break: Hottie Goes For a Ride In a Cadillac CTS-V

It’s Friday, you’re ready for the weekend, you’ve been working hard all week, and you need a little break from work today. Seeing as we haven’t featured any breasts for you guys in the last few weeks, I hope the videos below will make up for the lack of boobage.

In the videos below, we have a hottie going for a spin in a Cadillac CTS-V. The video is almost perfect. We have the beautiful sound of the engine. We have a busty lady. We have physics doing what physics does best. But her voice is a bit on the annoying side … still excellent eye candy though. I’m not really complaining, just saying. Enjoy my friends.

Part I:

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Part II:

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15 comments on “Friday Break: Hottie Goes For a Ride In a Cadillac CTS-V”

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG! Is that all she can say? lol I’ll have sweet dreams tonight, that’s for sure. Or will they be wet dreams?? :O lmao

  2. A-not-very-attractive girl with ridiculous breasts behaves as if she’s never been in a car before.

    This is considered sexy in your culture? Oh dear.

    • Oh no, here comes the culture police!!

      BTW, there is no mention of “sexy” in this post, I guess you were too busy staring at here breasts 🙂

  3. hottie=sexy
    A bimbo: OMG squeal, OMG squeal….oops adjust my cleavage for the camera, squeal. If the caddie driver decided to actually run the car, she would probably swoon. A GT3 and she would have multiply orgasm.
    Annoying voice is the understatement of the century.
    Send the video to Jersey shores, I am sure she could get a part; vacuous and shallow.

  4. U guys need to lighten up a bit. This video is obviously made just for fun. Besides, if given the chance, you KNOW you would f**k the shit out of her. If you say no, then you’re lying to yourself!

  5. THe only reason Stuart and Andre are talking crap about her is that she has more tallent in her left breast then they do.
    Can you too euro spuds lighten up and enjoy a good show.
    You can be all serious later on when you have that “alone” time with your blow up dolls.
    And I do think she did orgasm at some point during the ride.

  6. Of course SOME men will stick their dicks into anything with tits. However, some of us have taste & self-respect & would never go near a woman that useless…

  7. It’s a give or take thing.. Yes she good looking and therefore the guy dating her has the benefits of having a hot girlfriend such as boinking her and showing your friends.. but aside of that, most hot chicks including this chick are very self centered and annoying. they only care about looking pretty and have about as much character as a wet carrot…

    Hot chicks are fun to f*ck, not date…

  8. I’ll give it to you that the woman isn’t perfect, but still very attractive. British people get to have opinions on matters like this once they start going to dentists.


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