Sex Toys for Your Woman – Where to Start?

According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, sex toys are fast approaching mobile phones as the most popular “gadgets” in the world. The rise in popularity is largely attributed to the increasing number of celebrities who have no qualms discussing their sex lives in interviews or via social media. With the sex toy taboo off the table, the question becomes: Where do I start?

There are hundred of products with which to jump start your new adventure, so start with a little research. Adam & Eve contains thousands of sex toy reviews in addition to their own buyers’ guide for everything from lubes to vibrators. A simple but powerful vibrator is a good place to start if you’re introducing sex toys for the first time– waterproof jelly or plastic vibrators with rotating tips are among the best selling for women. Plastic tends to deliver more vibrations, while jelly absorbs more vibrations but is softer and more flexible. Of course, you can also use your own creativity and surprise her with a few toys that might become her best friends.

The best method for finding out what specific toy turns her on is simply to experiment and figure it out together, but a discussion does need to happen beforehand. Reassure her that you don’t need a toy to have great sex, but you feel comfortable enough in your relationship to explore something new with her. If you want to gauge her perception of sex toys before you commit to suggesting them, do a quick Google News search for ‘sex toys’ and casually bring up one of the articles that caught your eye (this should be easy as many news outlets are reporting on sex toys approaching smart phone sales).

The bottom line is to relax and take it in stride. Women now make up the fastest growing consumer market for sex toys, so she may already have one of her own or be aware of sex toys’ soaring popularity and ready to dive in.




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