Sauber F1 Car Cut in Half

Formula 1 fans know the cars used in the sport are some of the most technologically advanced pieces of machinery in the world; the cars are extremely small, light, powerful, and super-fast.  I had always known that every part in the car has been made as small and light as possible but never realized how small everything was until I saw the video below by team Sauber.

The video features a Sauber F1 car cut in half length-wise, exposing the half-cut engine, fuel tank, driver’s compartment, and various other components.

It took the team two years to completely cut the Formula 1 car in half and the results are pretty impressive.  I always knew the V8 engines were very small and placed low in the car for an optimal center of gravity but I didn’t know they were this small and placed so low in the car.  And the most impressive part of this whole exercise is just how low the driver sits in the car with his ass millimeters from the ground and legs placed chest high, it looks likes cramped in there and makes the car look like some sort of a torture device.

I’ve enjoyed watching F1 racing for over a decade and after watching this video, I have even more respect for the technology and the engineers, and I feel a little less bitter about the drivers making millions of dollars ;).

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Cut in half Sauber F1 CarSauber Formula 1car cut in half




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