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Remember that crazy girlfriend you had, the one that threatened to kill you the day before you moved to the big city? You know – Shelly. You probably think she’s never gonna find you or that you can apologize for breaking her heart before she comes for you.

Well, no dice, my friend. Thanks to data brokers like BeenVerified and Intelius, she’ll be able to pay to look you up. All those subscriptions, credit cards, websites, and other things you’ve signed up for over the years could have shared your address and phone number with the data brokers. She’ll have everything she needs to get to you now.

That is unless you use SafeShepherd. It’s an easy-to-use website that’ll let you search for all of the information that’s out there about you on the web and delete it in a few clicks. For free, you can delete five different instances – and for $14 a month or $65 a year, you can search and delete as much as you want.

These companies make millions off of selling your data to Shelly. And there’re millions of Shellys out there. That guy you used to work with to who you owe $50? He’s able to find you. That waiter you tipped badly? He’s got your name and location – that’s all he needs to look you up.

Don’t worry, though. SafeShepherd’s got you covered. They’ll give the first 15 of you a free account for life if you use the code SUPERMAN at the checkout. The rest of you can register with the code MEGAMAN to get 50% off your access for life. That’s $7 a month, or $32.50 a year – not much more than the flowers that people will bring you in the hospital once Shelly gets her way.

Come on, man. Don’t let Shelly get her way.



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