S.T. DuPont Samurai Prestige Set

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but in the case of S.T. DuPont the pen, sword, and a lighter are mightier than my annual pay check.

The S.T. DuPont limited edition fountain pen, lighter, and samurai sword cost a whopping $66,000 for the set and is a tribute to samurai of feudal Japan.  In addition to the pen and lighter, the Samurai Prestige set includes a katana letter opener.  This is the perfect gift for the man that has everything, and of course, a few rich friends.

The pieces in the set are handcrafted from a solid piece of rose gold and include hundreds of small diamonds and textured leather trim with silk ribbon accents.  The St. DuPont Samurai Prestige set will be produced in a limited number of 20 pieces at a price of $66,000.




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