Rosemarie Fiore: Amazing Amusement Park Spirograph

Most of us got the chance to play with a Spirograph as a kid- you cycled around the little gears, got angry when you slipped, or when you drew one layer too many and everything suddenly turned into a black scribble. You likely used it fervently, looping Bic pen onto every surface that would hold still long enough for a few rotations. After that you probably shoved it in a cupboard, and never touched it again. But for some, there’s something about the very nature of the perfectly mathematical art that has staying power- you can still find the damn things sold all over the world. What would you do if you were still caught up in those loops and spirals as you got older and developed a successful fine arts career? As Rosemarie Fiore shows us, all you need to do is commandeer an amusement park.

Check out these great videos of her computerized pressure paint system in action. Her work can be found at and features other installations and projects, including a very cool set of video game long exposures.

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