Rape-aXe Anti-Rape “Condom”: The Stuff Of Nightmares?

Anti-Rape Condom Of Penis Stabbing
The device appears to be modeled after a jellyfish... a jellyfish full of spikes that likes to stab into penises.

I had heard about the anti-rape “condom” (read: bear trap) ages ago but never actually saw a picture of what it looks like. I figured it would be a little device that gives the man a small jolt and says something along the lines of “don’t rape, it’s bad!”, or hits his ding dong with a little rubber hammer. Unfortunately for anyone in the business of rape, this thing looks to pack a wallop.

The device was created by Dr. Sonnet Ehlers of South Africa, and is being called “Rape-aXe,” an “anti-rape condom”. The device is intended to be worn like a tampon and attaches to a mans penis upon unwanted penetration. According to Dr. Sonnet, the person would then be unable to walk or pee without intense pain.

I can see how this would be an effective rape deterrent, especially once the device gains greater adoption by women (in women?). I can’t imagine most men taking the chance of having their penis skewered by a tube full of needles and stabby things, not to mention the fact that the device can only be removed by a doctor. Talk about awkward.




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2 comments on “Rape-aXe Anti-Rape “Condom”: The Stuff Of Nightmares?”

  1. This is extremely short sighted. I can’t imagine the wrath of the rapist when he encounters such pain. He could kill the poor victim. Secondly one could check for such a device (and remove it) before he enters his penis.

    • I guess it depends just how crippling the pain is. If someone were to say, kick me in the balls… I don’t think I would have the energy to retaliate. If my penis were bleeding? Well… I can’t even imagine.


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