Puking as Painting? Live Nexus Vomitus Artwork

Remember that time we showed you how to make Skittle Vodka, and we all had a good laugh with the tagline “Puke the Rainbow” ? Well, little did we know that somewhere out in the world, that was already happening. Meet Millie Brown, vomiting artist, and her project Nexus Vomitus.

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It aired live online as Millie drank glasses of colored milk, and then proceeded to puke them up all over blank canvas, with the added bonus of a gentle operatic soundtrack provided by two live singers. Sounds pretty weird? It is. You’ve got a room full of women in American Apparel jumpsuits, prancing around, singing, and delicately puking up splashes of brilliant beautiful color.

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It’s also a little bit gross, but it remains a strange sort of fascinating. Check out this edited video of Millie’s performance (the full one is over the course of half an hour.)

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A quote from Millie that really sums up the absurdity of the entire performance:

“I’m not really a fan of appropriate foot wear on a good day so I don’t see why I should be sensible when I’m puking rainbows either.”

One thing is for sure, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before.



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