Pro Tips to Look Great in Casual Men Outfits.

A casual dress code is all about wearing outfits that are both modish and functional. It gives the right balance between comfort and style. It’s relaxed and suited for everyday use. The casual outfit gives the man the best chance to express a true sense of personal taste. Most men retreat into their usual; jeans, a t-shirt and a fabulous pair of sneakers. This article will guide you in ways to rock your casual look like a pro.

Custom Dress Shirts

Custom dress shirts should be a man’s wardrobe option because they fit in any occasion. You can have a variety of colors such as white, black, blue. Always prioritize the fit. This ensemble should fit comfortably across the chest and be roomy enough to move.

The length of the shirt should be long enough to cover your bottom. This ensures it does not easily untuck when you sit or stand.  You can literally style lots of bottoms with just these dress shirts.

White dress shirt with chinos

Chinos are classic trousers equivalent to vanilla ice cream. This combination is a perfect match, and they always stand out. The chinos should be slim fit.


A white dress shirt and a pair of khakis is the perfect example of a smart casual. It’s a relaxed style since khakis are both comfy and classy. Finishing with a pair of black suede tassel loafers.

Dress pants

This goes for an innovative business casual fit. A fitting white dress shirt and dress pants are flattering and a versatile outfit. Go for loafers for a more polished look.


Any cute jeans with a white dress shirt. This combination draws a lot of attention because it is stylish without putting a lot of effort. Jeans provide a relaxed, casual contrast to your dress shirt. Wear your favorite pair, layering your untucked dress shirt over the top along with some white sneakers.

 Undo several buttons for a casual vibe.

Leave the top 3 buttons undone on your shirt. This gives off light, relaxed look. Slip on a blazer or suit jacket over the top. Leave the jacket unbuttoned to finish off your loose, relaxed outfit.

Oxford shoes

Mostly oxfords have been styled with formal dresses as it adds class to men’s style. But with the evolution of men’s casual and street styles, oxfords can be in different styles and colors. Whether you are running errands, grabbing dinner after work, Oxford shoes are the best stylish choice that helps you look redefined at all times.

 If you own just one pair of dress shoes, you can’t beat an oxford for versatility and classical appeal. Oxford is the first dress shoe a man should buy. You have to be mindful of color and material. 

Therefore, knowing what they are and how to wear them is fundamental for dressing for the right occasion. They can be worn with chinos and other casual trousers, jeans and tuxedos.

Pair a printed sweater with blue or black jeans. Ensure that you add a pair of brown Oxford shoes along with it. Also, you can wear jeans and a cardigan with the front open and wear a white vest inside and Oxford shoes.




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