Men’s Bracelets Fashion

Wearing men’s bracelets without overdoing it

Over the years, men’s bracelets have taken many forms, from the beach holiday to slaps banned by schools in the ’90s to the Puka shells. Not forgetting hose neon plastic bracelet copies that trended in the years of ’04. But even without the trends, bracelets stand out. 

But why should men wear bracelets? You may be in your best outfit, but that little band of beads or leather will add an ounce of oomph and will help share some bit of personality even without saying a word. It’s a great way of sharing a vibe with those around you and a way of hinting at your life outside the office. 

How do you choose a suitable bracelet?

Fit and proportions

The bracelet you choose should be fitting and proportional to what you’re wearing. For a thicker wrist, a large bracelet would work so perfectly. For smaller ones, try thin ones. Most of the bracelets for men are elastic and ones-size-fits-all. If you get that big clunky metal bracelets hanging loosely on your hand, it gets old so fast. Lighter bracelets have a little more freedom. 

To determine the best bracelet size, make sure there’s some space between itself and the wrist. But should not be too loose to move up and down. 

The overall look and style

What look type are you going for? This is a primary question when looking for bracelets for men. You may need something general or one that personalizes your look. There could be the message you’re trying to pass across. A great tip would be going natural. Wood, leather, and stone are some of the bracelets that go well with age. The color with these bracelets easily matches any outfit. For a hip-hop video, for instance, mixing those shiny metals works so perfectly. The leather in the bracelets makes them look more masculine. Whatever bracelet you wear sends a message, and people would want to know the meaning behind it. 

Where are you going?

You may have very many favorites, and of course, that’s what guides your buying. But not every bracelet is fitting for every occasion. For the formal contexts, go for that dark, thin, and discreet single bracelet. Choose also gold or silver colors for your cufflinks. You want to go sporting, nightclubs, or concerts? Then you should consider some louder bracelets with more flair.

How do you wear a bracelet?

One of the mistakes that many men run into is trying to imitate what we see on social media. When it comes to wearing bracelets, the simpler, the better. Your dressing style balances it all. You should have a balance of what you wear on both your wrists. Don’t overdo them; check on the mirror and if you’re in doubt, see what you can avoid and keep it for another day. 

When choosing men’s jewelry for example on and other big brands and looking for your men’s bracelets fashion, you must do some research and choose the best bracelets that match your outfit and send the right message. Do not just put on everything; go simple every time. 




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