New York Style Pizza Flavors to Try

Pizza is a food that has been around since Ancient Rome, and it’s no wonder why the dish is delicious. New York Style pizza is one of the most popular types. The different toppings available are endless, but there are always some basic ones you should try. Let’s take a look at New York Style pizza so you can find out what flavors to try next time you are feeling like indulging in this greasy goodness.

New York-style cheese pizza

If you enjoy lots of cheese, this is a great option for you. New York-style cheese pizza has an overload of gooey, stringy mozzarella on top. This pizza will tweak your taste buds with its sweet and salty mix. New York-style cheese is also often served with pepperoni on top for that added kick of spice.

New York-style pepperoni

One topping you should try when eating New York Style pizza is pepperoni. You can never go wrong with classic pepperoni; they are made from pork or beef ,or both, mixed together with spices like garlic powder and onion flakes before becoming a delicious and spicy pepperoni sausage.

New York-style Hawaiian

Another classic pizza you should try is the New York-style pizza Hawaiian. New York Style Pizza has just the right amount of sweetness that compliments the saltiness from the ham and pineapple toppings, making it a delicious combination.

New York-style chicken mushroom

If you love chicken and mushrooms, New York-style pizza chicken mushroom is a great choice. New York Style Pizza’s white sauce and thin crust make it the perfect match for ham, chicken, mushrooms, and your favorite cheese.

Margherita New York-style pizza

This is one of the most popular types of New York-style pizzas. Traditional Margherita pizza uses fresh mozzarella and basil leaves which are then drizzled with olive oil over a tomato sauce base.

New York-style deluxe pizza

This New York Style pizza will definitely leave you wanting more all the time. New York Style Pizza’s thin crust and delicious white sauce make it a combination of potatoes, sausages, onions, and your favorite cheese.

New York-style Barbeque pizza

This New York-style Barbeque pizza is a fan favorite among New Yorkers. A thick crust with barbeque sauce, chicken, and cheddar cheese makes for a flavorful combination that you just have to taste to believe. This New York Style Pizza has its own unique twist on the classic barbeque dish, so why not try it out today?

New York-style vegan pizza

New York Style Vegan Pizza is perfect for New Yorkers with vegan diets. A New York-style pizza crust made out of soy can be topped off with delicious veggies and plant-based cheese to make this flavorful combination just as tasty as the classic New York Style Cheese Pizza.

And the list goes on! The New York-style pizzas are, without a doubt, one of the most popular styles. New York-style pizza has its own unique twist on classic barbeque dishes, so why not try it out today? You can also request many other toppings to be used to prepare your favorite pizza.



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