Personal Bike Lane With The ‘Bike Lane Safety Light’

The days are getting cooler and shorter as the winter months approach us. Besides Thanksgiving, that whole end of the world thing on December 21st, and Christmas (if we survive), there really is nothing interesting happening over the next few months. As we drive to work with our negative thoughts about the winter months, we should also be paying closer attention to the roads since there are crazy bicyclists that are heading to work and not afraid to freeze their asses off.

Riding a bicycle along the road in dark conditions is a pretty dangerous thing, even if there are street lights. Majority of the streets don’t have designated bike lanes and sharing lanes can be risky business. But thanks to the ‘Bike Lane Safety Light’, riding a bike in dark conditions got a tiny bit safer. This cool device features five bright red LEDs which project two parallel lines on either side of the bicycle to create a bike lane which can be visible from one mile away, even under a headlight.

‘Bike Lane Safety Light’ Being Used At Night

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The universal bracket that comes with the lights allows it to fit most bicycles and it only needs two AAA batteries to operate which is included in the package. The device is also weather and shock proof, so rides in the rain will be less scary.

This is a pretty brilliant idea and it would work really well when combined with other safety gear like reflective clothing and flashing lights on bicycles. I really like the fact that it creates a very visible boundary around your bicycle which other vehicles on the road will respect whether it’s a motorized or another cyclist. The Bike Lane Safety Light can be purchased for $24.50 on Amazon.



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