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I recently hosted a spur of the moment ‘dinner party’ at my apartment. It was unique, to say the least. My Pakistani roommate’s roommate invited a couple of friends over to break fast after the first day of Ramadan, which is called Iftar.

I figured that two straight men like ourselves hosting a dinner party was probably a little weird, but since we were doing it anyway, and my friend had already invited his friends over, I would see if any of mine wanted to come too. My roommate’s friends from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, America, and Albania all came early with some food that they had cooked at home. The trouble, is that I had invited a friend who decided he would bring three more of his friends, and it turned into an actual party with not nearly enough food.

Luckily, I remembered that it would be the ideal situation to experiment with my brand new Perfect Tortilla Pan Set. A baked tortilla bowl to hold some dip for corn chips is a perfect addition to any party, so I popped open the box and skipped the instructions.

Perfect Tortilla

tortilla cooking pan

Anyone with half a brain can figure out that you simply place a tortilla inside the pan like so. The box included four pans, so with all of these people waiting for food I filled them all up. Why use plates when I could substitute them for these baked tortillas instead?

finished tortilla

I turned the oven to 350 degrees, and five minutes later it looked similar to this. I have to use a stock photo for the finished result because they looked so cute and delicious that nobody had the patience to wait for me to snap a few photos before devouring them.

yummy food

Why you need this:

Imagine you manage to get a date despite your awful halitosis, unwashed hair, and mumbling nonsense. The girl comes over to your man-cave for a dinner date. Your momma never taught you how to cook, so what can you do? As long as you pop in a tortilla into the non-stick tortilla pan you will come away with a fancy looking taco, salad, dip, or dessert bowl. Look up some simple Old El Paso recipes, or simply throw in some prepackaged salad into pan number one, and Trader Joe’s french onion dip into pan number two. Finally, some precooked meat based meal into pan number three and four. Your meal is set, and she might then overlook your lack of confidence!

Despite its ease of use, there are a few tips to borrow that could make your tortillas taste more to your liking.

  • If you put the tortillas in the microwave first, they’ll soften, conforming to the pan for a better overall shape.
  • No oil is needed, you fatty. They taste just fine when baked.
  • Brush a little oil onto the outer side of the tortilla if you want a more fried tortilla taste. Just make sure you go for a run afterwards.

While I only used it at a dinner party one of the girls was so impressed with my culinary skills that she asked me on a date. I call that a success.

If you’re looking for more information on the Perfect Tortilla, or even to place an order, you can do so on their official website. The “PT” retails for $10.00 and is available at all major retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart. It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and makes your life a hell of a lot easier in the kitchen.



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  1. So after reading your review I have decided I want one!!! Thanks. I dislike cooking, and I dislike cleaning up even more so an easy, edible bowl sounds great! Thank you.


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