Old Horror Villains From the 70s and 80s – Where Are They Now?

It’s always fun to re-imagine characters from our childhoods as though they grew up alongside us, and we’ve seen a lot of evidence of that with the success of our Disney Princess articles. But what about the movie villains that terrified us and defined our nightmares for years to come? Photographer Federico Chiesa’s Horror Vacui shoot features old horror villains struggling to tough it out decades after they cemented their place in film history.

Old Horror Villains From the 70s and 80s – It’s Hard Out Here For a Bad Guy

A lot of these characters are horror mainstays- they defined what was scary and memorable before the advent of CGI and billion dollar budgets, and are probably still some of the film loving guy’s favourite characters. Outside of taking bright and crisp, inspired photos, Chiesa went the distance getting costumes and makeup just right, so there’s no doubting whose depressing late life crisis you’ve blundered in to. You can check out more about this project, or Frederico Chiesa’s other works at his Behance profile page.



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