Naucrates – Ride-On, Self-Following Luggage

I’ve always envied those little ones at the airport while they are riding on their parent’s luggage and wished someone could pull me along too. With the Naucrates, you can have a seat on your smart luggage while you ride along to your next terminal. The Naucrates is the world’s first smart ride-on luggage with a self-following feature and obstacle avoidance. It also has comfortable foot supports to keep you comfortable during your ride. Through the control, the luggage can follow you around the airport, while you focus on talking on your phone or maybe holding your screaming child. The intuitive joystick control allows you to maneuver through crowds during ride-on mode. If somehow, you and the luggage do get lost from each other and are more than 10 meters away, the Naucrates will sound an alarm on your control and will find you.

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The Naucrates features an easily removable battery and is TSA approved. The luggage allows 4.3 miles ride-on and 6.1 miles self-following on one single charge, which is more than enough to get you back and forth from two terminals at the biggest airport. The battery can be charged within 3.5 hours and also acts as a power bank, featuring three output ports – Apple lightning, USB C, and Micro USB.

The Naucrates also features fingerprint unlock to keep all of your items secured and also includes a TSA lock, in case any airport agents want to open it up themselves. This suitcase is lightweight yet durable and can support up to 264.5lbs on ride-on mode. The suitcase is also spacious and allows to organize all of your essentials. The Naucrates is currently being crowd-funded on and you can pre-order yours for an early bird price of $399. 



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