3 countries with lowest population

Population explosion is one of the major issues we humans are dealing with. While there are countries with population count in billions there are also countries where the population count is less than 100000 recorded as of 2017. There are several factors that affect the population growth of a country like weather conditions, land area, and geographical information. Three countries on the top of the list of least populated countries are as follows:

1. Vatican city
Vatican City is the least populated country in the world with a population count of less than 1000 people. It is also the smallest country in the world. The land area is 0.17 square miles. Being famous for the Pope, Vatican City has Pope ruling the Catholic Religion globally. He also rules supreme the entire country of Vatican city. Though the population is very less, there is a humongous number of tourists that visit Vatican city to explore the museums and other attractions like the Sistine chapel.

2. Tuvalu
Tuvalu is s country island located in Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu has a population of total 11052 people. This is the second smallest country by population recognized by the UN. Tuvalu joined the UN in the year 2000. Tuvalu consists of 6 atolls and 3 reef islands. The total area covered is 10 square miles. Besides the small size, Tuvalu does not excel in economic potential and does not have as much exploitable resources. Therefore Tuvalu is marked as the Least Developed Country by UN.

3. Nauru
Nauru is the third least populated country in the world with a count of 11359 people. While Tuvalu is located in Polynesia, Nauru is located in Micronesia in Central Pacific. The land area covered by Nauru is 8.1 square miles. There are very few job opportunities in Nauru which has made the unemployment rate to be 90%.




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