Mysteries of The Internet – Building Simple Websites

The web is a useful medium for connecting with friends and families over large distances, organizing important events, and even generating income. However, many people still treat it as some sort of mysterious beast that only the technical wizards can understand and tame, or worse yet think of you as their personal IT staff. Today I’m going to outline some services you might find useful, either as tools to build something for yourself or to get someone else off your back.

It’s Easier Than you Think

While Facebook is great for sending a mass of invitations to friends and families for upcoming event, your invitation can get lost in the various other groups attempting to capitalize on their time. Also consider that sites like Facebook offer very little in the way of personalization and distribution of new information and media. Whether planning a family reunion or even your own wedding, a centralized website helps to streamline the event planning process. Combining free services such as Google Docs and free website builder Webeden, you can track confirmed guests, organize the potluck dinner, and even host a simple gift registry.

A website is also a great way to promote any small business you might have, or a collection of homemade goods. Currently several sites such as Pinterest and Etsy have made inroads into the handmade market, but distinguishing yourself in such a dense crowd can be more than you expected. Setting yourself up with a website to personally monitor orders and place new products not only removes the middle man from the equation, but also provides your business with a more professional feel.

Generating web content doesn’t need to be mysterious process, nor does it need to come with a high price tag. With these services anyone can make a timid first step into the digital realm.

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  1. I found Wordpress Themes to be very useful for simple web design. Many stylish themes can be found for free and the backend interface is quite simple to customize.

    • It’s true, in fact that’s exactly what we’re using for Unfinished Man. It’s a bit more complicated than a site builder, but still easy for people to learn.


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