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I found time capsules so exciting as a child. I think most kids probably did, and do, love time capsules. There’s something magical about preserving part of your life, deep underground, until somebody finds it in the distant future. Maybe we find them so fascinating because, even after we’re gone, we will still have some connection with the Earth and the people on it.

Anyway, following on from that philosophical interlude, a project is currently running which is trying to bring the traditional time capsule into the 21st Century. Instead of preserving something in a box underground, this dude has decided to capture the current

musical tastes of the population online. Ok so it’s nothing like a time capsule then is it… more like a survey really. A survey? Before it sounded really cool and now it sounds a bit like a chore. Well it is still quite cool, especially since the dude who set it up is doing as part of his studies at Birmingham University in the UK, and has already received 1000 stories!

Anyone can take part up until the 16th July, by simply explaining how you listen to music, where you listen to music and why you listen to music. This might be that you listen to it in your bedroom on your iPod because you have no friends. Or it might be that you actually have a life and prefer going to live music festivals to soak up the atmosphere. There are plenty of great shows, especially in the summer.

Whatever you’re into why not help this guy out and send him your story? You might just be a part of an Internet sensation! Find out more about the project on the Harkive website. There are quite a few ways to contribute, and whatever you choose, it will only take a few minutes to fill out.




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