Mirrors Edge Parkour – Ampisound’s Neil Cointet Gives us a Load of POV Action

I know, I know… sometimes I’m just too vanilla with my titles. My friends are always telling me to kick back a bit and relax, be a bit less mature every now and again. Not take things so seriously… you know. I just can’t help myself, I’m a serious kind of man!

Anyway, if you’ve got any interest in parkour, even just pretending you can do it via a video game, then I’m guessing you’ve seen the latest trailer for Mirrors Edge 2. If you didn’t realize that Dice was actually making a sequel, and I just spoiled it for you, well… welcome to 3 months ago, you loser. Get with the times. Everyone is excited about the trailer, myself included, and some of us (not me) have even gone so far as to film real life parkour videos in homage. This one by Ampisound’s Neil Cointet is pretty impressive…

Neil Cointet Knows How to Make a Good Money Shot…

You’re about to watch a few minutes of unadulterated parkour goodness. Neil doesn’t pull any punches here, and though he is indeed a man and not a woman ala Dawn, or Faith, or whatever her theological name is in Mirrors Edge, the places he’s navigating sure do look like the game.

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So, what did you think about Neil’s skills? Have you seen better, or was that pretty impressive?

People are creating new parkour videos all the time, and most of them are pretty crappy. I bet you there are literally millions out there, but to see something a little bit different, and from some a person so skilled, well… it gets my motor running, that’s for sure. The only thing more impressive would be seeing Neil Cointet actually dressed up a woman.

More Ampisound

For those of you that tune in regularly, you may recognize the name “Ampisound”. I’ve actually written about them before, and they’ve done quite a bit of cool stuff. If you’re interested in seeing more of their work, including other videos featuring Neil Cointet, then head over to their website and have a look around. Otherwise, head down below and leave me a comment.



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