Miranda Kerr Photo-Shoot by Laurent Darmon

Before young boys (and grown men) were drooling over and fantasizing about Kate Upton, there was another supermodel that brought joy to men all over the world.  Her name was Miranda Kerr and she’s back, after taking some time off to have a baby, and looking sexier than ever.

Unlike the other model, Miranda is married but luckily for us, she doesn’t shy away from showing the world what here mamma gave here.  In this black and white nude photo-shoot, a very lucky Laurent Darmon is behind the camera and a very happy and playful Miranda Kerr is modeling in some very sexy poses.

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A little refresher on Miranda Kerr, she’s an Australian model that shot to fame when an Australian banker was being interviewed on live TV and in the background, one of his colleagues was busy looking at sexy pictures of Miranda instead of working (I don’t blame him).  She’s currently married to Orlando Bloom and had a baby recently.  Check out our previous posts on Miranda Kerr in here 3D shoot for Vogue Italy and Victoria’s Secret underwear commercial.




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