Miranda Kerr in Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Not that any of us Unfinished Men will ever buy Victoria’s Secret lingerie but any time we get a chance to bring you pictures of beautiful models in sexy lingerie, we just can’t help it but write up a quick post with a bunch of pictures.  This time the Victoria’s Secret model is Miss Miranda Kerr wearing some skimpy lingerie.

Now if questions like “who was the photographer?”, “where did this photoshoot take place?”, and “what type of lingerie she’s wearing?”, you’re in the wrong place.  The answer to all these questions is; who cares!  Now pick your jaw off the floor and enjoy the pictures, try not to drool (too much).  If your girlfriend/wife catches you, tell her you’re buying her an early Valentine’s Day present.

Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret green lingerieMiranda Kerr Victoria's Secret cotton panties

Want more videos and pictures of Miranda Kerr in sexy outfits?  We have you covered; click here for a bunch of posts with the hot Miss Kerr.

Miranda Kerr Victorias Secret Lingerie 2Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret black lingerieMiranda Kerr Victoria's Secret black braMiranda Kerr Victoria's Secret sexy lingerieMiranda Kerr Victoria's Secret blue lingerie




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