Men’s Health: 6 Common Myths That Are False

There is a lot of misinformation about men’s health that is shared at work, at the gym and at family events. Some claims are true, but others are exaggerated and simply false.

This article debunks 6 common myths about men’s health. It’s meant to help all ages of men understand their bodies and take charge of their health, fitness, and appearance.

1 – Shaving makes your hair thicker

Most boys start shaving in their teens. The ritual of removing facial hair remains a part of a man’s daily life long after his death. Is shaving a good way to make your hair thicker? The short answer is no. You remove any hair from your neck, chest, face, and other body areas that you shave. The frequency with which you shave does not affect the growth of new hair that is yet to appear from your skin. You can shave as frequently or as little as you want, as hair growth is unique to you and is not affected by your shaving habits.

2 – You need protein shakes and workout supplements

The multibillion-dollar market for workout supplements is a thriving one. There are many fly-by-night businesses selling bogus products with a variety of questionable ingredients. This contributes to the common belief among men that to build muscle and bulk up, you need to consume a variety of protein powders. It would be great if there was a magical pill or powder that could transform you into a champion bodybuilder or competitor.

There is no such product. Protein does not help you build muscle if your cardio and strength training are combined. Many Americans eat more protein than they need. This can cause weight gain, constipation and dehydration as well as kidney damage. For every pound of bodyweight you gain, you should aim to consume about 1 gram of protein each time you exercise.

3 – Larger Testicles Make You More Manly

The size of your testicles does not make you more masculine. However, larger testicles are associated with higher testosterone levels and sperm production. Other research shows that smaller testicles are associated to lower levels of sperm output.

4 – Breast Cancer is not a possibility for men

Women are more likely to get breast cancer than men, but that is not true. Breast cancer is more common in women than it is in men. However, breast tissue exists in both breasts and can be affected by the disease. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 500 Americans will die of breast cancer this year. There will be approximately 2,550 new cases of breast cancer for men in 2018. You should look out for a lump under the arm or chest, changes in breast size, and a rash around the nipple.

5 – Hair loss can be caused by “Man Buns” and hats

Many men worry about male baldness, even as early as their 20s and late teens. A common myth among men is that wearing hats, as well as the trendy “man bun”, can cause hair loss. This myth is not supported by scientific evidence. Baldness is directly linked to genes. Hair loss can also be caused by poor nutrition or vitamin deficiencies. However, you are free to style your hair and wear hats as you like without worrying about making it worse.

6 – Tight Pants can Affect your Fertility

Many men have switched to boxers and looser fitting pants from the “tighty whities”, which used to be the norm for men’s undergarments. This could be due to fashion changes or because tight pants can affect your sperm count. Research has shown that the choice of pants and underwear does not have any effect on fertility.



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