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There are a handful of cornerstones and turning points that every man must pass through in their transition from dorky child to the most distinguished, debonair modern man they can be. One of those milestones you should achieve by the end of your 20s at the very latest is deciding on which facial hair pattern works for you. This is what you’ve been striving towards since you hacked up your chin with a Bic razor at age 12.  And while you may desire to pull off a wicked-sweet Tony Stark goatee, the average man has to realize that he doesn’t have the time, money, or makeup artists that allow Robert Downey Jr to do… whatever it is he does all day. However, you can still find your perfect rugged style without running through thousands of easily-lost attachments using the latest Philips Norelco Electric Razor – the Styleshaver Pro.

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The most significant advantage the Syleshaver has over other electric razors on the market is its innovative dual-sided trimmers. On one end is a Norelco Dual-Foil shaver to clear out the messy stubble and longer hairs, even the gross ones down your neck, while the other end sports a 32mm beard and stubble trimmer with twelve adjustable length settings. The settings even lock into place to prevent you from accidentally switching from setting 5 to setting two mid-stroke. The details continue still when you remove the adjustable comb and find not one but two trimmers for more precision and details. On one side of the head is a 32mm high-performance trimmer. On the other is a 15mm wide precision trimmer. The precision trimmer is undoubtedly the highlight, as it allows you to get into tight spaces around your nose and mouth while still allowing enough visibility for details.

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What all this means is that the Norelco Styleshaver offers four complete styling solutions in one. The body and blades are 100% waterproof, so it can last through the countless hours of you shaving in the shower to save time. (Don’t pretend you don’t do it.) A simple ten-minute charge earns fifty minutes of shaving time if that’s not enough. The Styleshaver retails for around $100, but it will pay for itself by being the last shaver you buy for years. The multitude of options it offers means you have no excuse not to experiment and find your best style. When you find it, and under no circumstances should it be a pencil-thin chinstrap beard, The StyleShaver will help you maintain it for years to come at a low price point of $79 – $99.

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