The Logitech Z906 Speaker System

I thrashed my claws at the damn heavy UPS box carrying my fresh new < robust>Logitech Z906 Speaker System. I am a newbie to surround sound systems, but getting a proper sound system has been a long time coming after traveling for so many years. I have a sweet bachelor pad apartment with jaw-dropping city skyline views from the 25th floor but no speakers to reel in the awesomeness of my living situation.

The Z906 is certainly not a top-of-the-line speaker system, with its $399 price point. If you want concert-style speakers, throw away a few grand or more on a set that you won’t even be able to turn the volume up to the max. With that said, the Logitech Z906 Speaker System fits my needs perfectly. I can turn up the volume to 500w and the subwoofer to 165w, which still shakes the carpet, but not so much that my neighbors would be banging down my door like what happened in Project X. I don’t want that since I’m a somewhat responsible young professional. All I want are some quality speakers that can entertain my pre-gaming guests with some top 40 and occasional one-night stand (very occasional) with Enya.

Logitech Z906

On a more serious note, I found the sound crisp and clear, which is a welcome change from my pathetic built-in laptop speakers. I am considering mounting them on my wall when I move into my new apartment, which will be a cinch since using the “bolt hole” in the back, which I’m told is an industry-standard. Unfortunately, I found the remote control not to match the quality of the speakers, as it’s a very cheap feeling – almost like they did not care about the consistency of the entire product. It does do the job. Also worth mentioning is that because all of the speaker inputs go into the sub-woofer rather than the control pod, you need to place them within about four feet of the sub-woofer.

The dirty facts:

The Logitech Z906 Speaker System works with nearly any electronic device, including computers, music players, TVs, Blu-ray and DVD players, game consoles, and other audio sources with digital optical, digital coaxial, RCA audio, or 3.5 mm out. It even works with your Nintendo Wii using the AV cable that comes with your console, you nerd!

back of Logitech Z906

After defiling the UPS box, I found the speaker, speaker connection wire, 6-foot (1.82-m) six-channel direct cable, stackable control console, wireless remote, 3 AAA batteries for cheapskates, and user documentation (duh).

The most reassuring fact about this system is that it is THX-Certified 5.1. According to Wikipedia,

“THX has created a rigorous certification process for additional products including home audio, home theater, video, and automotive sound components and products. THX certification extends to home audio receivers, speakers, acoustic materials, microphones, and HDMI cables.”

Quick tip:

Ask your roommate about his biggest fear. Once they tell you the fear, you should download an audio track representing it (i.e., spiders, rainforests, snakes, clowns). Instead of using their alarm to wake up, you should turn the speakers to the max 500w for the wwake-upcall of the year. Your roommate will thank you later for your help in overcoming their fears.

Video Unboxing

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Final thoughts

It’s not the best speaker system on the market, but I think it’s a solid purchase for the price. Everything I throw at it sounds decent, and if I ever develop a more discerning ear, I can always upgrade.

If you’re looking for more information on the Z906, you can head over to the official Logitech page.



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