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You know those sad scenes in movies where someone realizes that they’ve wasted their life? Or the type of scene where a person has just done something they regret and reminisce about better times? Well, if you ever want to experience that same sort of feeling, try watching one of Lana Del Rey’s music videos. It was only moments ago that I heard about this singer, but I quickly realized what the hub-bub was about. Simply put, her music is incredibly depressing.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

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Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

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After watching a few of her videos, I tried to decide what exactly made them so depressing. Lana is an attractive looking woman, and yet her down in the dumps wah-wah sad face leaves me wanting to listen to the music instead of actually watching the video. This is a shame because the footage is actually interesting, in a manufactured trying-to-be-artsy sort of way. All of the footage features old clips of people simply living their lives. How depressing is that? Clips of children playing, and people riding bikes, and flowers booming. Lana may as well include a hand-gun or a vial of cyanide with every CD she sells.

All in all I think that her work is an experience, but it’s an experience in the same vein as The Road. It’s something that I want to experience once, and never again. What are your thoughts?




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  1. hahaha … i don’t understand it myself … the second video started with what looked like a nuclear explosion, followed by 2 couples riding some mopeds, then some guys diving into the pool …. then she starts singing with this really sad face … are we supposed to feel good about her music, feel neurotic … hold on while i go get my Prozac


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