KF Who? Heaven Sent Fried Chicken

It’s time for the colonel to step aside and let someone else take the Fried Chicken throne as there is definitely a new bad boy in town. One cold March morning as I was stuck in Seattle traffic and musing over the daily grind, I happen to look to the right and my eye was caught by a ‘now open’ sign for a fried chicken restaurant. I think it was the ‘Est. 1984’ claim that got me curious but all I know is that I felt an overwhelming urge to get in there and try that chicken!

It would be two weeks until I actually had the opportunity to go into ‘heaven sent’ and diffuse my curiosity. When you first enter the restaurant there is nothing to show that there is anything special inside. The décor is pretty average and the pictures of live chickens framed around the restaurant are kind of a turn off (do I really need to see that poor innocent chicken before it goes into my belly?)

After placing my order and stepping to the side, I notice the articles displayed on the right wall. After reading it all, I get to know about the history of the organization that was once ‘Ezell’s Fried Chicken”. The restaurant was started by Ezell Stephens back in 1984 but he decided to do business under a new name (Heaven Sent Fried Chicken) after legal issues with his business partner.

Now lets move on to the thing that everyone wants to know! Is the chicken good?! I would definitely need to answer with a resounding YES!  I have never been a huge fan of fried chicken but this is my one exception. Not too oily, not too dry and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside – this fried chicken is in a league of its own. And the buns, oh man were they good! The soft and fluffy bun makes the perfect side to the heaven sent golden chicken.

All the chicken can be ordered in ‘original’ or ‘hot’. I would say that ‘hot’ is the way to go. It’s not overly spice but definitely has a nice kick while the barbeque sauce is just an added bonus.

The restaurant also offers sides that include mashed potatoes, beans coleslaw, potato salad, and corn. And the desserts menu includes sweet potato pie, apple pie, peach cobbler, and bread pudding.

There are three locations and the one we went to is located in Lake City Way.

14330 Lake City Way NE
, WA 98125

This is definitely a restaurant worth checking out and experiencing. For more details about the company, please visit Heaven Sent Fried Chicken.



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  1. If KF was ever good it was before I was born and I’m pushing 40. Martin’s in Montgomery, AL is the best fried chicken there can be. It was Patrick Swayze’s favorite fried chicken spot and every politician that has ever passed through Alabama has eaten there. Ask for the “pulley bone plate” cause it ain’t on the menu. 😉


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