Kaskade Feat. Martina of Dragonette – Fire In Your New Shoes

Here’s a “new” song by Kaskade called Fire In Your New Shoes. The song features the lovely Martina of Dragonette, and best of all – you’ll find at least two minutes worth of Martina groping herself and stripping in and out of various semi-transparent outfits.

It’s upbeat, it’s catchy, and the entire video is one sexy romp. Just be careful, as there may be a burning desire somewhere else if you spend too much time with this on loop.

Fire In Your New Shoes

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I’ll admit it, I haven’t heard a ton of Kaskade, but if their other tracks are anything like this, then consider me a fan. I think this ranks right up there with Martin Solveig’s song Boys & Girls, also featuring Martina of Dragonette. That video has a very different tone, but it’s just as dance worthy.




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