Why Your Job Interview Attire Matters

In a world that is full of technology allowing us to work remotely, the office attire has drastically changed. We’ve gone from wearing smart suits and shined shoes every day to being more casual and comfortable. It’s a big difference from twenty years ago, when it was a treat to dress down for work. Work productivity has been debated largely as to whether it improves with a more comfortable attire and while this is great once you actually have a job and are working under those guidelines, it’s a completely different matter when you come to interview for a position.

Interviews are all about first impressions, no matter whether you are going for a job or you are interviewing with a bank for a mortgage. There are simply situations where tailored suits are appropriate and a job interview is absolutely one of those. Your first impression for your potential employer matters. If you turn up to interview for a position, you are saying you are interested in a professional company, a professional setting and that you hold professional ethics. You don’t turn up to a job interview in ripped skinny jeans, plimsolls and a shirt that has never been introduced to an iron. How you to choose to dress and express yourself in your own time is up to you, but your employer needs to see you are serious about a job.

There are a lot of debates that circle the policy of a uniformed office and some of these believe that the ability to do a job does not depend on whether you wear smart clothes or a plastic sack. The trouble is, the way you dress and the way you present yourself DOES matter to an employer. Employers want to know that you are polished, refined and that you will represent their company brand with poise and elegance. Short shorts and vests just don’t scream professionalism and that first glance over your very impressive CV can be brought up short purely by how you present yourself at interview.

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Always remove facial piercings and cover visible tattoos for a job interview. The ink on your skin won’t necessarily stop you from getting a job, but if half of your face is covered with a spider web of tattoos, the sad fact is that an employer will see that as a big no. Of course, this largely depends on the type of work you are going for, but whether you are interviewing for a job in retail, cleaning or as a high-powered lawyer, you should dress to impress. That means dressing up in a professional dress or skirt suit, or if you are a gentleman, wearing your best tailoring. You get points for presentation even within a job, it stands to reason that your personal hygiene and presentation win you votes, too.

Dress well and you’ll feel confident and in control of the interview you’re attending. Knock their socks off and congratulate yourself on your own foresight to dress appropriately for a job interview that could change your life.




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