How Fashion Can Help You Climb the Corporate Ladder

How you present yourself can have a huge affect on your career. No matter how much we deny it, looks matter in the office. Namely, how put together you are and how you present yourself as an entity of the business can make a difference when it comes to promotions.

There are certain things a man needs in his wardrobe to be prepared for the various events in life. Check out the section in your closet where work clothes live. Are you impressed? Do the garments convey the right message?

Fashion isn’t just fodder. It’s your personal calling card to the world and the execs you’ll be replacing someday. Still not convinced? Then keep reading.

Your Style Can Help You Stand Out in the Crowd

In a small startup, it’s hard to miss someone around the office. But in bigger companies, it’s easy to become nothing more than a name on the payroll.

It’s kind of like being in high school again. Lots of the kids in your class seem to fade into the background, but the ones with a unique sense of style always stand out. However, it’s easy to go overboard. The stylist secret is to add only one or two eye-catching elements to an outfit.

Some wardrobe pieces, like the famous Honeycomb Tie from Hex Tie, are an investment worth making because they help you stand out in a good way. Accessories that are unique, high quality and have cool factor get noticed every time you wear them.

Create a Favorable First Impression

First impressions are everything. People sum each other up in a matter of seconds, and these snap judgments tend to stick. What you’re wearing is going to influence a person’s perception.
Clothing is one of the most influential factors in a first impression. And once a first impression is made, it will affect what a person thinks of you for a very long time, possibly forever. Unless you plan to start hanging out with the boss on the weekends, the glimpses they get in the office is forming their opinion of you.

Dressing to make a good first impression at the office means looking put together. No manager or supervisor is going to think you can handle more responsibility if you can’t even manage to dress sharp and groom yourself in the morning.

Give You More Confidence

The right attire has the power to be a confidence booster. Anyone who has put on a tailored suit knows the feeling. When your clothes fit well and highlight your physique in the best way possible the world is your oyster.

Confidence is something that registers with other people. In the office, it’s an attribute that’s highly desirable, especially at the supervisory level. Feeling confident can also have a positive impact on achievement and happiness.

Make Others More Confident in Your Capabilities

An impeccable ensemble doesn’t just make you feel more confident. It also makes others more confident in your capabilities.

Our brains consider confidence as a sign of competence. Confident people are also considered go-getters that take action and provide leadership. They’re the people who aren’t afraid to throw out ideas, ask questions and speak up when something isn’t working.

When it’s time for your manager to make a promotion or choose a project lead, they aren’t going to pick the least confident person in the group. Dressing well will naturally build confidence and project it out to the world.

Dressing Well Will Help You Fit in With the Execs

If you want to have a corner office, it helps to emulate the person who already occupies it. In other words, you need to dress the part. It’s something you may have heard before in business school or while reading the Mr. Mafioso column.

Dressing at the same level as the executives sends the message that you’re one of them. You’re essentially a reflection of themselves, which most successful executives like to see. You’ll definitely need more than an impeccable suit to get up the ladder, but it can help you get your foot on the next rung.




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