Epic Police Cars From Around the World

When the going gets tough, the police usually come to our rescue to chase down criminals in a high-speed chase. However, that obviously means that the police need a car which is capable of going faster than the average getaway vehicle. Thankfully, police from all over the world realised this and there are some police forces that use not just fast cars, but super-cars in their fleet of emergency vehicles.

So from London to Dubai, here are some of the world’s most epic police cars that’ll make you drool and want to sign up for their police academies just so you could tell your friends you drive a Lamborghini for work.

#1 – Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini, Dubai

The police force in Dubai is known for their fleet of supercars that would put a rich person’s garage to shame. From Lamborghinis to Bentleys and Ferraris, the police force in Dubai will have no trouble catching up to criminals in their super-powered cars. If you ever committed a crime in Dubai, then you’d better hope that your getaway vehicle is a supercar and you have a legendary street racer as your getaway driver or else your days of criminal activity would be over swiftly. Thinking of losing the police in the deserts of the UAE? Think again. The Dubai police force also has a Brabus G 700, a behemoth of an off-road vehicle.

#2 – Lotus Evora S, UK

Although not pictured above, the UK has strapped on emergency vehicle lights and a coat of paint onto an Evora S. It was donated to police officers in the UK by none other than Lotus themselves to help spread a message about drunk driving. Capable of doing 0-60 miles per hour in less than five seconds, you’d have to have a car of equal power if you wanted to outpace an Evora S.

really fancy red car
Photo by Jack Snell

With such incredible power and acceptable fuel economy, it probably makes the entire police force envious when the lucky driver assigned to drive it walks into the office.

#3 – Undercover Nissan GT-R, US

The American company EVI Corporation is the business in charge of equipping police cars in the United States with things such as sirens and law enforcement equipment, and one of their projects in 2011 was to create an undercover Nissan GT-R for an unnamed Northern Virginia police agency. EVI Corporation tuned the vehicle to make it suitable for high-speed pursuits and it was used undercover. It’s still unknown why the police force needed an undercover Nissan GT-R, but without a doubt, it’s a spectacular vehicle and fits well with the “high-speed pursuit” requirement. Funnily enough, police in Abu Dhabi of the UAE also use Nissan GT-Rs in their fleet.

#4 – Lamborghini Huracan – Italy

At some time during 2014, Lamborghini donated a Lamborghini Huracan to the police force and they happily added it to their fleet of police vehicles. But this isn’t the only time that the police force has received such a generous gift. Back in 2004, they received a Gallardos and in 2008, they received yet another one.




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