Indulgent Grooming Treats For Every Modern Man

A shave and a quick haircut just doesn’t cut it for the modern man anymore, and why should it? Why should women get all the deliciously scented moisturizers and hair products that promise softness and good smells, while we’re left with Old Spice and not a lot else? The last few years have seen a revolution in men’s grooming, and we’re all for taking advantage of it. Who doesn’t love to feel pampered and look their best? Here are a few grooming treats that every man should indulge in.

A proper wet shave

Nothing beats the feeling of a proper traditional wet shave with a cut-throat razor, with the full hot towel treatment, moisturizer, and even a bit of beard topiary. For men with stubble like sandpaper, a wet shave guarantees skin soft enough to kiss. Although a little indulgent, it’s the perfect preparation for a big night out or an event for which you have to look your best – nothing says style like a smooth face and a tux.

A good hair cut

It used to be the case that men would just whiz an electric shaver over their head every few days and pass that off for a hairstyle, or maybe stretch to a short back and sides every few weeks, but that doesn’t really fly anymore. It’s finally become acceptable for men to spend a little bit more money and effort on their appearance, without having their entire personality questioned. As a result, great haircuts are becoming expected, and they don’t even have to cost the earth. Nationwide companies such as Sport Clips offer stylish men’s haircuts at reasonable prices, so there’s no reason not to indulge. Click here to check out Sport Clips prices.

Nail care

There’s no point having a great haircut and facial hair but having tatty and broken finger and toe nails. Women have appreciated the fun and relaxing qualities of a good session at the nail salon for decades, and it’s finally our turn to have a go without being judged. We’re not suggesting you go for sparkly nails and extensions, but there is something nice about the hand and foot massage and having nails that don’t get snagged on every item of clothing.

Good quality skin care

Funnily enough, we have skin too – and it needs a bit of TLC every now and then as well. Have you ever noticed how your skin gets drier and itchier in the winter, and a bit oilier in the summer? Well, funnily enough, we can actually do something about that. Spending just a little bit more money on skincare products means we can have soft and lovely skin, all year round.

When you’ve indulged in your physical appearance (because you’re worth it) then there’s no point in just wearing any old clothes. Spend some time choosing clothes that reflect your style, but which are also practical and long-lasting. Never scrimp on clothes, you’ll either look scruffy or just have to replace them a whole lot faster. Stylish attire is absolutely a necessary indulgence.




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  1. Agreed 100% about wet shaving, especially with a nice old-fashioned straight razor. Not only does it give you a better shave and make you feel so good about yourself, but it’s also great for the environment and saves you money in the long run, when compared to what you spend using disposable razors or cartridges.


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