6 Best Electric Shavers Available Today

For men, shaving is very personal and requires much attention when it it being done. Therefore electric shavers have gained preference over the traditional manual razors and shaving cream due to the various benefits they offer. Electric shavers give users the ability to shave their facial hair quickly and still give a close, smooth shave. Most electric shavers have the capability of giving excellent shaves but not every one of them is the same.

Choosing the best electric shaver that suits your needs depends on a lot of factors but one of the primary decisions users should make is whether they prefer to shave with a foil razor or rotary. Both of them can give an excellent shave, but users may prefer one over the other. Below is a brief list of 6 of the best electric shaver in the market today.

1. Braun Series 7 7790 cc-4

This is a foil shave electric shaver that vibrates very fast so as to remove the stubble hair more quickly. It is highly effective and remains smooth on the skin while shaving. The shaver also comes with a cleaning center that allows the user to clean and dry the blades when recharging while also giving it a lemon scent. The shaver also has an LCD that displays the levels of charge and hygiene.

  • Pro: Only takes very few passes over an area and leaves no problematic spots.
  • Con: Its hair cutter is not very wide.

2. Panasonic Arc 4 ES-LA93-K

This is an electric shaver that uses foil shave and a four blade cutting system. It comes with an in-built precision timer, wet and dry use capabilities, feather-like weight, and long cordless run-time of about 42 minutes. In addition to its many helpful features, the razor is very easy to clean and gives an excellent shave. The shaver also comes with a charging dock and cleaning station.

  • Pro: The shaver can be used for both dry and wet shaving.
  • Con: The shaver does not come with a quick charge option.

3. Philips Norelco 8900

This is a rotary based electric shaver that provides a very smooth shave only after very few passes over an area. It has a very slick design and offers many convenient features. It can also carry up-to 60 minutes of battery life from a single life, which is a big advantage compared to many other electric shavers.

  • Pro: It has both wet and dry use capabilities.
  • Con: Shaving around the chin area can be very difficult with this shaver.

4. Remington Hyper-Flex XR1350

Remington has shavers in both rotary and foil designs. This model is a rotary one that has fast charging capabilities. It also has wet and dry capabilities making it easily washable. The pivot of the head can also be mounted to the edge of the face very effectively and the shaver’s shape allows it to fit comfortably on one’s hand.

  • Pro: Has the capability to shave wet and dry hair.
  • Con: Takes a bit more effort to get a smooth shave.

5. Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV61-A

This electric shaver is a great foil, lightweight electric shaver that comes with a precision trimmer and a battery indicator. On a full charge, it has a standard cordless run-time of 45 minutes and it can also be used on wet and dry hair. It however does not come with a charging dock or cleaning station during purchase.

  • Pro: It has a cordless run-time of 45 minutes.
  • Con: The five blade head is large and can cause problems when shaving the area around the mustache.

6. Philips Norelco 7700

This is a good electric shaver that comes with rotary shaving technology. It can be used for shaving in both wet and dry conditions and gives the user a decent amount of cordless shaving time. It has very few disadvantages when compared to most electric shavers available today. It takes about an hour to recharge and also has a quick charge option that enables a user to charge it for a few minutes so as to get enough power for a single shave.

  • Pro: It has 50 minutes of cordless run-time on a full charge.
  • Con: The precision timer i not built into the razor and one has to attach it by pulling off the shaver head and putting on the precision trimmer.




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