SodaStream – Make Your taste buds and wallet sing!

If you like carbonated drinks, whether it be soda or just sparkling water, you’ve probably noticed that you spend a fair chunk of your weekly grocery money on that specifically. Over time, this really adds up and in the end and that’s money you can potentially use for better things. You may be thinking, well, what are my options? Luckily, there is a machine out there that will make fizzy drinks for you simply out of regular tap water.

SodaStream isn’t a new product, it’s been around for a while, but it’s making waves again. There are multiple products, but you can get a basic one for just $79.99. How does it work? Essentially you just fill up the bottle they provide with water and press a button. This fizzes the water to create carbonated water in seconds.

If you like flavored drinks, don’t worry because they have you covered there too. After you carbonate the water, you add whichever flavoring syrup you like and you can purchase dozens of flavors from cola to cherry cola, orange, lemon, root beer, tonic and even more.

Each of the flavoring bottles is $4.99 and can make 36 bottles, which is a much better deal than buying these drinks in the store individually.

Not only does this make your sparkling drinks fresh, but it’s also lots of fun and means you can make what you want, when you want. You no longer have to worry about purchasing lots of sparkling water before guests come over for dinner, instead you just carbonate what you need when you need it and stop wasting money, time and effort.

The SodaStream makes for a great gift and there are lots of different styles and colors to choose from, meaning they’ll go well in any décor, something lots of machines fail to do. They come in black, white, silver and varying styles from more modern and futuristic to some resembling more of a coffee machine. The most expensive is $199.99 and the cheapest $79.99.

Most machines have a 60L CO2 carbonator and each bottle is 1L. If you purchase the SodaStream starter kit, you’ll get one 1L bottle included with your machine purchase, but you can also go back to the online store and purchase more.

Although these prices may seem a bit high, on top of the cost of the flavoring, it really is an investment. When you think that after this you probably won’t ever have to purchase soda from the store ever again, you’ll make your money back in no time, depending how much soda or sparkling water you consume.

It saves you time, money and decreases waste, all of which are great benefits. Improve your soda consumption by investing in this futuristic little machine.



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