How To Dress Like An Australian

Thinking of traveling to Australia? Great! Although the normal attire for Australians is pretty similar to outfits the world over (like Europe, North America, even South America and Asia to an extent), there are always going to be a few things that are different.

You may be thinking, why would I want to dress like an Australian? Who cares? While that’s true, we all know we sigh and roll our eyes when we see blatant tourists in our own city and you don’t want to be sticking out like a sore thumb do you? Didn’t think so. To help you blend in with the locals, here are the best ways to dress like an Australian.

In Australia, thongs are actually flip flops. These are a staple to any Australian attire, especially in the summer months or the tropical areas of the country.

Your outfit just wouldn’t be complete without a pair of these and if you haven’t got any, no worries, you can pick up a cheap pair just about anywhere. They’re very typical Australian and very versatile.

You may know these by other names such as a sleeveless shirt or a wife-beater. Because wife-beater is an awful name and the name sleeveless shirt leaves something to be desired, we’ll go with singlet. This kind of attire is perfect for those hot and humid days and is very Australian—just be sure to lather yourself up in sun cream though or you’ll be very sorry you left so much skin exposed to the elements and you don’t want to be that tomato-coloured person walking around like a doofus.

Like its stereotype, Australia is very sunny and without a pair of sunglasses you’d not only not fit in, but you’ll also probably be very miserable while you walk around squinting tightly saying, “now where’s this tram stop?” Let’s avoid that, shall we?

You don’t need to invest in an expensive pair, any pair of sunglasses will do, but to truly dress like an Australian, your outfit would never be complete without them.

An Akubra Hat
While this may look a little unusual and out of place in the metropolitan cities, if you’re anywhere rural than you must get yourself an akubra hat. This is a typical Australian bush hat and the name comes from the Aboriginal word for head covering. If you truly want to blend in and dress like an Australian, this is your best bet. Plus, it’ll make a great souvenir when you leave.

You don’t need to overthink dressing like an Australian, just a few things here and there will help you blend in. And if you don’t want to blend in, that’s ok too! Think of this as a guide for your future Halloween costume then?



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