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It’s strange, but I’ve always had an intense dislike of most children. It’s not every child, as every so often I’ll see a kid who is vaguely intelligent and isn’t spewing forth random high pitched clicks and squeals, but it’s certainly most children. They’re simply the equivalent of stupid little humans, with very poor motor control and a penchant for annoying both adults and their peers. Having said that, children are incredibly talented at one thing… creating terrible drawings to laugh at. 

The Monster Engine, in a nutshell, is a collection of children’s drawings and sketches that artist and painter Dave DeVries has re-painted in a realistic manner. Each of the simple (read: crappy) children’s drawings are traced over, and then painted using proper color, shading techniques, and texture. As you’ll see in the small collection below, the updated renditions are exceptionally cool, in a creepy sort of way.

The Monster Engine

Clearly Chelsea is having teething problems, or perhaps she simply has a sweet tooth. Whatever the case, I wouldn’t want this creature entering my bedroom (or anywhere else) at night. Given the fiery background, I’m assuming it’s straight from the depths of hell.

This is absolutely amazing. I had never imagined that the devil would wear a dress, but here he is. He even has a fish to boot! This picture affords us a rare glimpse into the devil’s private life, as imagined by 7 year old Kimberly.

Now, I would be lying if I said that this picture didn’t immediately remind me of a giant vagina face. I’m not sure why the creature is so terrified, but perhaps it has something to do with its mouth being replaced by said vagina? I can imagine that being rather traumatic.

Despite the source material of these photos having originated from children, the end result is pretty damn cool.  I’ve only picked a very small sampling of all the pieces that Dave created, and you can view the full selection on his official website, The Monster Engine.



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    • Absolutely, and thankfully most of us grow up. As an adult, I don’t think I could deal with the miniature version of myself.


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