id America: ‘Spark’ High Definition In-Ear Headphones Review

The Spark headphones by id America are the first in-ear headphones designed to look like automotive spark plugs. As you can see, they’re a bottle of pure sex – just like the man wearing them below.

You can barely see them in that photo, but they’re supposed to be discreet from far away. Only when someone stands right next to you will they notice spark plugs resting easily in your ear canals. They embody the flashiness that only a reserved man displays, and let’s face it – the reason to buy these id America Spark headphones is for the look and not necessarily the sound.

spark earphones

Don’t get me wrong, though; the Spark has excellent sound for mid-tier in-ear headphones. But because they are only mid-tier, they’ll never be able to compete with the sound quality of Bose and other high-end brands suited for a true audiophile.

Opening the id America Spark

Opening the package was a treat in and of itself because of how nicely the goods were laid out in the chrome-finished aluminum inner case and premium leather case with three additional pairs of ear-buds. Unfortunately, the table you see was not included. No, I found that outside a dumpster last year.

id America earphonesThe id America Spark headphones come in nine different color combos, from rally blue to my personal favorite, aluminum silver. As far as sound goes, it has a high definition acoustic filter, and a high performance 8mm dynamic driver. They come with an in-line microphone module which allows for push-button control to answer phone calls, play or pause music, and advance songs. The sound is crisp with just enough bass. Unfortunately, the quality of the materials don’t feel any more sturdy than a pair I would buy for $19.99 at a CVS, and I cannot imagine these holding up for more than a year. On the other hand, these are lightweight, which make them very comfortable to use while exercising because I barely notice them.

Spark packaging

Sparkplug Headphones

If you’re looking for a mid-range pair of in-ear headphones, then the id America: Spark should serve you well. Even with the less than stellar build quality, I would still say that these are worth the $59.95 retail price point.



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