Hyper Realistic Pencil Art by Franco Clun

A few months ago we brought you guys some amazing pencil drawings by 22 year old Diego Fazio. The attention to detail in his drawings is remarkable and I wanted to see if there were other artists doing similar styles of art work. It didn’t take long for me to stumble upon the works of an Italian artist by the name of Franco Clun. The talented artist is 50 of years of age and has no “formal” training when it comes to his line of work. He simply practiced until he perfected the technique and picked up tips and tricks by reading various drawing manuals. Franco has been drawing on and off throughout his life but started to really focus on graphite drawing back in 2010. He’s like one of the X-Men of artists.

I think the drawings by Diego are a bit more realistic but Franco’s work is just as good and his drawings have a different look and feel to them. A lot of Franco’s work is also focused on celebrities and television characters as can be seen in the examples here. Have a look at some of Franco’s hyper realistic pencil art below.

Realistic Pencil Drawings by Franco Clun

In my opinion, one of his most realistic and best pieces of art work is his self-portrait. He recently turned 50 and this is his current appearance….in a graphite drawing.

Hyper Realistic Pencil Art by Franco Clooney

Here is a hyper realistic pencil art of Ariana Grande. This one is also one of the more realistic drawings and I like the attention to detail when it comes to the individual hair on various parts of her head. The lips, teeth, nose, and eye lashes are unreal. The dimple is also a nice touch and really adds to the realism in this particular portrait.

Arianda Grande Pencil Drawing

The next two photographs should satisfy all the X-Men fans out there. The eyebrows, wrinkles, and even the “shine” on his head looks fantastic in this drawing.

Realistic Drawing of Xavier
Realistic Pencil Art of Wolverine

This hyper realistic pencil art of Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) really creeps me out because of all the fine details in the photograph. I’m curious to know how long this one would take to complete. The detail in the facial hair is amazing.

Pencil Art of Greogry House by Franco Clooney

Here are a few more examples of Franco Clun’s hyper realistic pencil art and make sure to check out all of his artwork at his Devianart page.

The Hobbit artwork by Franco Clooney
Gandalf the White by Franco Clooney
Gandalf pencil art by Franco Clun
Pencil art by Franco Clun
Dalmation Pencil Art
Hyper Realistic Pencil Art of Old Man
Graphite Art by Franco Clooney



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  1. I was debriefing your website while waiting for a bus I had just missed and boy am I happy I did miss that bus, otherwise I would not have found myself seeking this article. The drawings here are so well articulated and candid, that at first I was thinking your article was a cheap use of deception to attract readers like myself to your site. But following an indefinite amount of time researching these artists more, I would like to express my appreciation for bringing such fruitful articles to the reader’s attention. Well done Eddie!

  2. They never use deception to attract readers, that’s what “Hump Day Hotties” and “Weekend Warmup” are for. πŸ˜‰ BTW amazing drawings. Makes my doodles look pathetic. Hell, makes my photographs look pathetic.

  3. It is incomprehensable to me how to get details and shading like that and i’ve been an artist for some time now.

  4. These are so awesome! I have some of these pictures by another artist saved in my files and they are wonderful, but I really like these with the Movie Stars and the Wizard! The dog and her puppy is my favorite! I will show these to my friends and family, thank you for the most awesome pictures! I have a lot of respect for this artwork, personally I can’t draw my way out of a paper bag!

  5. I used to call myself the01artist but after seeing these I will go and hide in a corner. I thought I was good untill I saw these. My problem is taking the time to really work on something. Now if I was getting paid a few thousand dollars for a portrait then I could take as long as I needed. But when you are a struggling artist with bills to pay you can’t afford to take more than a few days to finish something. I also struggle with manic depression and ADHD as well. Not an excuse just a reason. It is hard to focus sometimes enough to get a portrait done. Thank you for the inspiration. I just wish someone would show how they do such detailed work. What kind of paper, pencils blending material and the like. I see videos on youtube of guys drawing with crappy music playing but they are not teaching anything. It is cool to watch but you are not learning a damn thing. . .


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